Quick fix for a Slow iPad

Tech Tuesday: Quick Fix for a Slow iPad

Does your iPad seem to be bogged down in molasses? Is it taking forever to refresh a web page or Facebook news feed? One way to speed it up is to do a complete restart, shutting it down fully and then starting … [Read More...]


Do Everything With Love

Do everything with love is the encouragement found in this week’s word art and what a great encouragement it is. Imagine a world in which everyone's primary focus was love. What a wonderful world it would … [Read More...]

Learning To Dance In The Rain Quote

Learning To Dance In The Rain Quote

This learning to the dance in the rain quote should be applied to our lives earlier and rather than later. As you well know, life isn't always full of sunshine and roses. Life can be difficult, whether by … [Read More...]

Travel Makes You Richer

Travel Makes You Richer

I've recently returned from a trip to Europe. My daughters and I visited 6 European countries in 12 days. We were in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy and England. It was a whirlwind holiday … [Read More...]

Rigatoni and Cheese Pasta Bake

Rigatoni and Cheese Casserole

In celebration of the first day of Autumn I want to share this delicious Rigatoni and Cheese Casserole recipe with you. I don't know about you but when the weather is turning colder, my stomache craves comfort … [Read More...]

Nature Quote

Nature’s Music

Have you had the opportunity to sit perfectly still while surrounded by nature? It's a beautiful thing. As you still yourself you begin to hear nature's music: the rustling of the leaves on the trees, the … [Read More...]