Gingersnap Cookies

If you haven't finished your Christmas baking this year and are looking for a new family favorite, I highly recommend this recipe for Gingersnap Cookies. I started making them a few years ago, and they quickly … [Read More...]

Let It Snow

Let It Snow

This Sunday winter officially arrives in the northern hemisphere. This whimisical word art is in celebration of the arrival of winter. Although, I'm not singing Let It Snow just yet, I do enjoy the snow that … [Read More...]

Electronic Money Transfer

Tech Tuesday: Electronic Money Transfers

Last week we needed to move money from our savings account at one bank to our chequing account at another so we could pay some Christmas bills. I initiated the electronic money transfer on Monday evening and … [Read More...]


Almond Cake

I don't often bake, but when Christmas rolls around you'll find me pulling out my measuring cups, dusting off my cookbooks and donning my Christmas apron to get down to the business of baking up my … [Read More...]

Trampe Cyclo Cable Bike Lift

Tech Tuesday: Trampe CycloCable Bike Lift

If the awesome Fjords are not enough to convince you that Norway is one of the greatest places to live, the Trampe CycloCable bike lift will surely convince you. Originally built in 1993, this isn't exactly new … [Read More...]

Shine On

Shine On

December has arrived and so has the season of everything merry and bright. As this joyful season gets underway, I encourage you to let the love that resides in you to shine on this season. Showing love and care … [Read More...]