Five Ways Home Cleaning Is Good For You

Life is busy and it’s easy to let the tasks you don’t enjoy get pushed way down on the priority list. Home cleaning often falls into the category of something that you procrastinate. However, there are several … [Read More...]

Bible Verse John 3:16

Happy Easter

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Welcome Easter, Welcome Spring

Welcome Easter, Welcome Spring!

In just a few days Easter will be here. Unfortunately, Easter weather won’t be. This morning I woke up to 5cm of snow and -13 celcius. Brr is right. School buses in our area were cancelled and winter seems to … [Read More...]


Tech Tuesday: Operating Room of the Future

The medical team at Insightec have been making big advances in the area of MR guided Focused Utrasound technology. This technology allows them to perform surgical operations without cutting patients open! The … [Read More...]

Chalkboard Labels

Etsy Round-Up: Spring Cleaning

Now that spring finally seems to be on it's way, I've been wanting to freshen up my living spaces with my good friend, Mr. Spring Cleaning. Slowly but surely, I'm going though every item in my closet and … [Read More...]

Our dog Flash.

I Am a Dog Person

The writing prompt for the Spin Cycle this week is about animals. Are you a dog person, cat person or some other type of animal person. I used to be a cat person. When I was growing up we had a cat named … [Read More...]



This quote, 'A ship at harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are for' is a great reminder for us that although we may be safe where we are right now, if we don't take any risks we might not be living our … [Read More...]