Family Date Nights Making Time To Connect

Family Date NightsWe’ve all heard about the importance of planning a special time with our mate,  but it’s equally important to have Family Date Nights. It’s a special time for your family to be together doing something fun. Our lives have become so hectic that finding time to connect is becoming more and more difficult. Even children are not immune from the busyness, whether they are doing homework, participating in extra curricular activities such as sports teams, music lessons or special clubs. It all adds up to families being on the run and too busy to have time to connect, create bonds, share and make memories together.

Family date nights offer a time for families to connect with one another. It’s a special time that is chosen and agreed to by all family members. Once you’ve agreed on a day and time, mark it on your calendar and plan it together. Let your family know how much you are looking forward to it. Decide together what you will do.

Ideas for Family Date Nights

  • Go for a bike ride
  • Plan an indoor or outdoor picnic
  • Movie night (plan to have a time of discussion afterward)
  • Play games together
  • Share a fancy meal together
  • Make a meal together
  • Volunteer as a family and then share a snack and drink together and discuss what you did
  • Go Geocaching
  • Make a craft. Here are craft ideas for younger kids and older kids.
  • Go bowling
  • Enjoy an outdoor activity

There are an endless variety of things you might decide to do. Remember, family nights don’t have to cost a bundle and a lack of money should never stop you from connecting as a family. Whatever your family decides to do, commit to turning outside distractions such cell phones and computers off. Do take pictures to keep as a wonderful reminder of good times shared together.

Time with your family is never wasted time. Investing in the ones you love will reap many rewards in the years to come, especially when the sometimes troublesome teen years arrive you will have already built a foundation of communication, trust and commitment.

Are you ready to plan a family date and start making some family memories?

Use the comment box to tell us what your family enjoys doing together, your comments might just inspire other families.

~Happy Family Date Night!

More ideas for having fun with your family:

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  1. I love making homemade pizza and watching a movie with my family! My daughters really enjoy movie nights, too! One of our favorite activities together is hiking, but that has to wait until the weather gets nice outside!

    Thanks for stopping by Lemon Drop Pie!

  2. Sandy Keith says:

    My hubby was insistent on family night at least once a week and from the time the kids were young, we found things to do together. While family night was once a week, Bible reading was every night, come rain or shine. We’d all sit around the kitchen table and take turns reading the scripture Jim had chosen for that day and then discuss it. Our son played the guitar so then we’d spend some time singing. I have to smile when I remember that the kids would grumble, but Jim didn’t give in. Everyone had to attend. Thank God for a godly husband and father. He’s been gone 2 years now and I still miss him terribly. The kids do too and always will.

  3. thanks for visiting my site! we just had our little “date morning” today with our kids. we went out for breakfast, which is something we rarely do. we’re planning on just hanging out the rest of the day together… at least until the neighborhood kids come knocking on our door. Your site looks great!

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