Quotes About Life: The Simple Things

Some quotes about life are so profound. We believe this one of the profound one. So often we try to achieve so much with our lives that we forget that it’s really the sweet, simple things that matter. Take time to relish the sweet, simple things in your life today. They are the things that matter and that will enrich our lives. They are what good memories are made of. What sweet, simple things do you cherish?

Rebecca, you’ve done it again, combining beauty with truth. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!
Quotes About Life


  1. I love your latest post. I cherish being over my grandmothers house spending the weekends with her and waking up Saturday morning to eat those pancakes that were the size of the entire skillet. I love those memories and miss her very dearly. I also cherish watching the storms with her in the living room. She loved to watch thunderstorms and to hear the sounds.

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