Meet Michelle

Name: Michelle
Age: 43
Location: Montana, USA

TBL: What are you passionate about?
Michelle: I’m passionate about helping children learn to read. I’m specifically interested in helping parents be a part of helping their children become good readers.

TBL: When did you discover your passion?
Michelle: I discovered my passion while teaching elementary school and through experiences with my own children.

TBL: How has your passion enriched your life?
Michelle: Problem solving, researching, and trying to find ways to help parents support their children with reading is something I enjoy. It’s my thing. My twin eight year olds are great at gymnastics. My husband and oldest son are driven by music. I think everyone should have something where they feel successful. Knowing that I’ve helped some parents and children makes me feel successful. I have a dream to find a way to reach a ton of parents. Having a dream and working towards my dream gives me a chance to be myself. I’m not only a mom and a wife, I’m a person with a passion. It’s important to have a passion. It makes me feel alive.

TBL: What keeps you going?
Michelle: I keep searching for ways to support parents because I think it’s the best way to help children become successful readers. I’m not sure if I’ll ever make a successful business or find a job that supports parents, but I continue to work towards finding ways to connect with parents.

TBL: What is your greatest accomplishment in life so far?
Michelle: My greatest accomplishment in life so far is being a parent. I’ve learned that there is no greater joy than unconditional love!

TBL: Name a mistake or disappointment from your life?
Michelle: The biggest mistake I’ve made in my life is not taking advantage of my youth and the time I had to learn and grow. I had so much time to develop a talent or learn what I was supposed to learn in school, but I didn’t.

TBL: What are your goals for the future?
Michelle: My goal is to find effective ways to support parents with helping their children with reading.  I’m currently on a local leadership council called Best Beginnings of Yellowstone County. Our mission is to find ways to help children aged 0 – 8 years with school readiness. I’m with a group of people who believe helping parents will help kids. I’ve started a business called Parent and Child Reading Assistance. I plan to continue to balance the development of this business and the needs of my family.

TBL: Who has been the most influential person in your life?
Michelle: I have two influential people in my life. My mom has taught me to be kind, patient, and caring. My husband has taught me to try new things and believe in myself.

TBL: Do you have a favorite recipe?
Michelle: My favorite recipe is a crock pot recipe. I use often. You can add any extra spices you like to change the flavor.

~Thanks Michelle!

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  1. Great passion to have! I too think parents are the key to creating children who love to read! My 15 year old is never without her Kindle – she loves loves loves books and reading everything.

    • I agree Jennifer. When our kids were little we spent lots of time reading to them. Our youngest wanted us to teach her to read when she was three. Fun memories.

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