65 Inexpensive Kids Activities For This Summer

kids activitiesSummer is here and the kids are home from school. If your kids are like ours they are always looking for fun things to do. We’ve compiled a list of fun and relatively inexpensive kids activities to do this summer.  Since we’re always open to suggestions, send in yours to add to our list.

  1. Go for a walk in your neighborhood and then stop in at the bakery for a treat.
  2. Pack some drinks and snacks and plan to visit as many parks as you can and enjoy the play equipment!
  3. Have a picnic in a new spot. Maybe there’s a park in your neighbourhood with a splash pad?
  4. Visit the library and take out a video or book.
  5. Play croquet.
  6. Fly a kite.
  7. Get out the sidewalk chalk and beautify your neighbourhood.
  8. Blow bubbles! Here’s a recipe to make your own bubble solution.
  9. Throw a frisbee. Organize a neighbourhood or family competition. Award prizes for fun!
  10. Make a scavenger hunt for friends and neighbors.
  11. Plan a story time in the shade of a tree.  Even older kids like being read too. Perhaps the book you read will inspire a craft idea!
  12. Turn on the sprinklers in the backyard and jump and play!
  13. Go for a hike on a nearby nature trail.
  14. Ride your bikes and stop for ice cream.
  15. Play a board game on a blanket in the backyard.
  16. Bake something delicious and then share it with a neighbour! Check out our recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  17. Attend a free concert or play at a local park.
  18. Is it too hot to play outside? Go to an indoor play area. Many fast food restaurants offer these and admission can be as cheap as the cost of an ice-cream cone.
  19. Make caramel popcorn and watch a favorite movie on rainy day.
  20. Get out blankets and sheets and make a fort, indoors or out. Kids love camping out!
  21. Find cool rocks and paint them. Use them to decorate your garden.
  22. Make a stepping stone for the garden.
  23. Plant a small garden or use pots if you don’t have the space. Let your kids tend to their garden all summer and reap the fruits (or vegetables) of their labours. Try things like cherry tomatoes, green beans or peas. If your children can be impatient, herbs grow quickly!
  24. Have a picnic in the backyard. For fun, blindfold everyone and see what happens.
  25. Go to your local appliance store and get some large appliance boxes. Turn them into houses, stores and/or cars. Your imagination is the limit here!
  26. Use your digital camera and record  yourselves as you act out a movie that you and your kids have written.
  27. Volunteer at a local agency and spend time giving back to your community. See our list of resources.
  28. Play hopscotch. Turn it into a teaching opportunity.
  29. Visit yard sales on the weekend.
  30. Have your own yard sale.
  31. Start a large puzzle and put it together over the summer.
  32. Make popsicles from your favorite juice.
  33. Dance in the rain. Who cares if the neighbors see you!
  34. Learn a new sport!
  35. Show up at the ball park and root for one of the teams.
  36. Kick or throw a ball around.
  37. Start a family book club. Pick two or three chapter books everyone would like to read. Then read them and discuss them. Kids will enjoy that mom and dad are reading the same book as they are!
  38. Make a puppet theatre and puppets. Put on shows for friends and family.
  39. Attend a Vacation Bible School in your area.
  40. Do you have tent? Camp out one night in the backyard!
  41. Make a water scope and check out what’s happening in a stream, pond or lake near you.
  42. Feed the humming birds. Did you know once they find your feeder, they’ll visit again next year?!
  43. Go geocaching!
  44. Play hide and go seek. Let older kids play at night with flashlights.
  45. Go to the zoo and bring a picnic lunch.
  46. Make sand art!
  47. Start a summer project. Pick a topic and research it using the internet and library.
  48. Make a driveway quilt. Take chalk and draw a grid on your driveway. Now everyone takes some blocks and decorates them anyway they like. Make sure to take a picture when you’re done.
  49. Start a scrapbook and record this summer’s memorable moments.
  50. Go strawberry picking.
  51. Swim at the public pool.
  52. Enjoy an online 2-player game when it’s too hot to play outside.
  53. Have a spa day complete with manicure, pedicure and facial. Boys might not like this activity.
  54. Make jam together. Use fruit that is in season.
  55. Research your family tree.
  56. Write a story and have it published at  Squigly’s Playhouse.
  57. Send a postcard to a relative that lives far away.
  58. Visit some online story telling sites.
  59. Climb a tree.
  60. Play tennis.
  61. Start a street hockey team.
  62. Print and color some summer pictures!
  63. Play nature bingo!
  64. Learn to sing a favorite song in another language.
  65. Visit a local Farmer’s Market. Buy fresh produce and baking to enjoy at your next picnic.

~Let us know which of these kids activities were a hit at your house. Have a great summer!


  1. What a wonderful list!
    I’ve always wanted to try geocaching… We’ve done quite a few on your list here – number 4 (library) happens every week! :)
    Thanks for sharing!

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