Empty Nest: Recipes

Life changes. Just when you get used to having things one way, something happens and things have changed. My husband and I have been empty nesters for the last year and although I was quite hesitant to begin this chapter of our lives together, it didn’t take me too long to get used to it. Cooking for two and rediscovering who we were as individuals and as a couple was sometimes a challenge, but the peace in the house and the freedom from the responsibilities of children were extremely nice. We often joked about how wonderful it was to find a pair of scissors, or a pen exactly in the same spot where we had put them. It didn’t take us long to establish our own routine and begin doing some of the things that we have been wanting to do for quite some time.

One thing we undertook was trying new recipes. Perhaps you can relate with us, our children were not the most adventurous of eaters. One doesn’t like mushrooms; the other, seafood and so on. By the time the girls left home I was in somewhat of a cooking rut. To get out of this rut we decided to subscribe to a few magazines that featured recipes. Each week we would sit down with the magazines and pick a few new recipes to try. This became a lot of fun for us. It had us scanning the grocery store shelves looking for the unfamiliar ingredients we needed to make our new-found recipes and we committed to cooking together. It was a great way for us to reconnect with one another and also expand our palette. Recipes which we both liked found a new home in our recipe album.

Now our life is changing again, our eldest has graduated university and has come home until she has full-time employment. Yes, she’s still a picky eater and has turned up her nose at some of our new recipe suggestions but we hope to include her in our cooking adventures before she flies from our nest one last time.

~ Enjoy every moment of every day!


  1. It can be fun changing ingredients around! I am lucky as my kids both eat just about anything I make, but I feel for people with picky eaters. Finding the scissors where you left them sounds awesome, I never know where the kids are putting them here :)

  2. Lucky you having kids that will eat jsut about anything!

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