Family Game Night Ideas

Family Game Night Ideas

Game night is a fun way to relax after a long day. Playing games with your family helps build strong relationships and makes fun memories for everyone. Over the years, my family and I have quite enjoyed playing games together. We often pick one to play on our family date night. It’s been a tradition for a while to get a new board game as a family gift each Christmas. Here are some of our favorite family game night ideas.

Ticket To Ride

Description: Claim railway routes across the country in order to connect your goal destinations. Game play is quite simple: each turn you can either collect more destination cards, lay tracks, or pick up train cards. Points are scored for completed destinations and amount of track laid (bonus if you have the longest continuous track).

What we love about this game: Whenever we break out this game, at least one of us is known to sing the song “Ticket to Ride.” Game play is easy, yet strategic and can be very nerve wracking at times. One time playing, my sister’s boyfriend had a way too full hand of train tickets and had us convinced he didn’t know what he was doing. Lo and behold he ended up sweeping us away!


Description: Tiles featuring parts of landscapes are placed faced down. Each player takes turns picking a card and placing it to fit in the existing countryside. After a tile is laid, that player has the choice to assign a ‘meeple’ to be either a knight in the city, a robber on the road, a monk in the cloister, or a farmer in the field. Once all tiles have been placed, points are scored based on each meeple’s completed area.

What we love about this game: This game can be played cooperatively or strategic alliances can be formed. Game play is different each time as the cities never end up looking the same twice. Once you know how to play, no reading is required, which makes it an ideal game to play with younger children.

Apples to Apples

Description: This game is a hit and a lot of fun with a large group of people. There are noun and adjective cards. Everyone has a hand of noun cards, and on a player’s turn, they turn over an adjective card. All the other players put a card face down which they think best matches the adjective that was turned over. The player with the adjective card will read all of the matches, and based on their own criteria, determine a winning card (players can all give input as to which card they think should win, but ultimately the drawer is the one who picks the winner). The player who submitted that card gets a point.

What we love about this game: We love this game because there are no right or wrong answers. You can be as clever as, as funny, or as serious as you like! We’ve always had many laughs from this game, and who knows? You might end the game learning that alien abductions can be quite snappy! This game surely lets you use your imagination.

Scotland Yard

Description: One of the players is the criminal, Mr. X. The others play as detectives, chasing Mr. X throughout London, with hopes to arrest him. The trick is that Mr. X’s location is only known a few times throughout the game. The detectives must collaborate as they travel by taxi, underground (subway) or bus to land on the same spot as Mr. X. Detective players only have a certain number of moves for each mode of transportation, while Mr. X’s options are unlimited.

What we love about this game: We always have a good time playing this game. Each role provides very different feelings. It can be a tense and exciting game while playing as Mr. X, while collaboration and strategy must be discussed while playing as a detective. My family has included a visor in the game for whoever plays Mr. X, so that when he is scouting out his next move, the dectectives cannot see what part of the map he is focusing on. We’ve noticed that visiting boyfriends always seem to like the challenge of playing Mr. X. They even love wearing the visor!


Description: The object of this game is to collect a brain card from each stage of life by answering trivia questions about each stage. While en route to collecting these cards, you may wind up in therapy, or worse, psychosis, and it’s up to your team mates to cure you! This game is good for a close group of people, as some of the therapy questions may be difficult to answer if you don’t know the other players well.

What we love about this game: This game is funny, and can offer insights as to how other players think you think. This can lead to some interesting discussions and revelations.


Description: The game with over 100 dice – literally. From standard dice to mini dice to a die inside a die, this game has them all! Dicecapades throws a twist on classic games like Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary and Cranium. Each play involves the use of one to many of the dice. Simply follow the instructions on the card of the area you are in (trivia, pictionary or actions) and make it to the finish first. Watch out, you may have to do 12 push ups or stack six dice faster than your opponents in order to advance!

What we love about this game: This game is not repetitive by any means. Each turn provides you with something different to do from running through the house to spelling words to answering trivia questions and many, many more.


Description: This is the classic game of quick draw. Your partner must guess your image based solely on what you are drawing in the time limit in order for you to move on. All play provides the challenge of a race in guessing correctly.

What we love about this game: It tests our family’s creativity, as you do not have to be an amazing artist for your partner to guess what you have drawn. The drawings always provide many laughs! It can easily be adapted for any number of players, except one, of course.

~Happy games night!

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