Hosting a Successful Jack & Jill Baby Shower

Jack & Jill baby showerA co-ed baby shower can be a great way to involve male family members and friends in the celebration of a new baby. When planning a Jack and Jill baby shower, lean more toward classy instead of cutesy in order to involve every guest.

Make Favors for Everyone

Baby shower favor ideas for boys must differ from the traditional soaps, candles and cute baby-themed items usually provided at women-only events. Party favors should include something that men will enjoy as much as women.

According to Cassandra Andrews on the Seattle Times, baby shower favor ideas can include salty and sweet snacks or a mixed CD of the songs played during the event. By providing favors that relate to food, music or similar ideas, men will not feel left out and the whole family will be able to enjoy the event.

Favors that are designed for just the men might include personalized beers, cigars or similar traditional celebratory items. The party favors do not need to focus on co-ed if each individual is given something unique.

Provide Creative Games

Traditional baby shower games might not appeal to men. Instead of using these games, incorporate activities that are physically active, a little silly or more inclined to the interests of men.

According to, it is not necessary to give up every baby-themed game idea. Instead, the games should include options like relays, obstacle courses and guessing games that involve the men as much as the women.

Games like a diaper-changing relay with dolls or a guess the fairytale character name icebreaker are engaging for all of the guests, even if they choose not to participate.

Use Non-traditional Themes

Decorating for a baby shower that involves the men in the family will require a change to the traditional theme. Instead of the basic blue or pink color scheme, opt for a theme that is not specifically about the baby.

According to, themes provide an element of interest for male guests. Themes that might appeal to men include sports, safari, tropical or a favorite music genre. By focusing on the theme, the party favors, decorations and invitations will not scare off the men who are invited to the event.

Plan Around Large Appetites

The delicate baby shower finger sandwiches, cookies and punch are not enough when the party includes the men. While specific individuals might vary, most men have larger appetites than women. The party should include a real meal or several snack food options, depending on the timing and the expected length of time.

The spring and summer months provide an excellent opportunity to plan a barbecue party, which is appropriate as a theme as long as the guests are aware that the event celebrates the coming of a baby. A barbecue offers several food options and ensures that enough food is available for all of the guests.

When a barbecue is not an option, setting up a buffet table with a main course, sides and desserts is another solution. The buffet will allow guests to take as much as they prefer and provides enough variety to appeal to any taste.

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  1. i love your jack and jill theme idea. You could use all sorts of color patterns for it. Thanks for sharing!

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