Foods That Keep You Awake

Foods that keep me awakeGetting a good night of sleep is an important part of good health. The problem is that certain foods can cause restlessness or keep the body awake for hours, which results in a poor night of sleep. Recognizing foods that lead to restlessness will make it easier to ensure the night is restful and sleep habits change for better health.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods are among the most common food items that cause restlessness at night. When you eat them and then lay down for a long period of time it can cause heartburn, which is always an issue that will keep you awake.


Caffeine is found in a wide range of foods and drinks, such as chocolate, coffee and soda. The problem is that caffeine is a stimulant. Although it might seem to make the body and mind more alert during the morning, it is a problem when foods or drinks with caffeine are enjoyed at night. It limits sleep.


Cheese is better to eat at breakfast or lunch, particularly if it has a strong flavor or smell. The more a cheese ages, the better it is to avoid at night. The reason is that cheese contains tyramine, which results in a greater level of alertness.

Alcoholic Beverages

Although alcohol is technically a depressant, it can cause restlessness at night. In the case of alcohol, the problem relates to the deep stages of sleep. Although the number of hours of sleep should result in feeling rested and awake, drinking alcohol before bed will result in grogginess and sleepiness the next morning.

Fried Foods

Although fried foods are a favorite for taste, it is hard on the body and sleep habits. The high fat content can lead to restlessness and digestive discomfort throughout the night, which causes a poor night of sleep. In general, it is better to avoid fried foods, even when it is not near time for bed.

Eating habits can impact the ability to sleep. Although the problem foods can vary slightly, certain items are better to avoid at night and eat only during the morning hours. The best foods for night-time are easy to digest, do not cause heartburn and are not prone to causing an increased level of alertness.

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