Holidays Afloat: Vacations On The Water

Vacations on the WaterVacations On The Water

If the traditional package holiday involving lying around on a beach drinking in the sunshine doesn’t really appeal to you, it can be difficult to think of alternatives; especially if you are travelling with children or other family members. There’s nothing more relaxing than drifting around on a boat, so it’s hardly surprising that vacations on the water are becoming increasingly popular.


Taking a cruise is the first thing which springs to mind when considering holidays afloat and going on a cruise can be a great way of seeing lots of different destinations in a short time. If holidaying with children, make sure you research the style of the cruise carefully, as formal dress at dinner and set mealtimes doesn’t always suit toddlers. Many of the larger cruise ships have kids clubs and dawn to dusk organised activities so that parents get a well-deserved break as well as the little ones. The main drawback of a cruise holiday is that you don’t have any flexibility over where you go as the ship will follow a set route.


If you like the concept of the luxury side of a cruise but are put off by the large ships and constant timetable, Gulet holidays could be the perfect solution. A gulet is a traditional Turkish vessel, and these kinds of holidays involve spending time on board the boat with a small group of people, or spending your days on the boat and the evenings in a more traditional hotel. Gulet holidays are popular with families as they are relaxing and there is plenty of opportunity for swimming, snorkelling and other water sports. The Turkish coastline is spectacular and if your ideal holiday involves crystal blue waters and hidden coves with golden sand, then this is the ideal holiday for you.

Narrow Boat

If you prefer to take your holidays in the UK, then a narrow boat holiday is definitely something worth considering. There are many companies based on canals up and down the UK which will rent out narrow boats by the week and give you basic training on how to navigate by canal. Then it’s up to you to decide what you want to see and how you’re going to get there. Kids can have a shot at driving the boat too and all narrow boats are fully equipped and are a real home from home. The pace of life is slow, but this gives you great opportunities to see all of the wildlife you’d miss if you were rushing past in a car.

Learn To Sail

If you’ve always wanted to sail but have never had the chance, why not combine a seaside holiday with sailing lessons? Courses are offered at schools both in the UK and overseas, and for a complete beginner, learning in the warm waters of the Mediterranean is perhaps more attractive than battling with the British weather. Children over the age of 5 can learn to sail and once you’ve learned the basics, it’s a fun activity which parents and children can do together.

Norfolk Broads

The Broads are one of the biggest networks of waterways in the UK and have been popular with holidaymakers for generations. There is a huge range of options for taking a boating holiday on the Broads, from luxury motorboats to smaller boats suitable for individuals or couples. Most companies providing boats will give you sample itineraries as a pointer of routes to follow, but it’s a good idea to do some research before the holiday starts so you know what places of interest you would like to visit and how long it is likely to take to travel between each one.

Calvin Ford is a writer who suggests that if you fancy trying something different this year for your family holiday, then why not grab your sea legs and get on a boat. Gulet holidays are becoming more and more popular with families as they offer ultimate relaxation and fun for all ages.

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