After School Activities For Children

Kids ActivitiesParents everywhere appreciate the teaching that children receive at school.  Despite the great work done by education authorities across the world, many parents realize that the true development of their children comes in what they do outside of the boundaries of their school.

Whether it be after school clubs, groups, or somewhere you take your child during the weekend, parents can do many things to help a child to realize their potential. The great thing about such after school activities is that they help to develop characteristics that will ultimately help a child when it comes to academic life, too.

What are the best activities for children to pursue outside of school, and what are the potential benefits of these?

Sports Clubs

The media and government agencies are constantly telling us that the more sport our children enjoy, the more ingrained sport will become as a lifestyle component, and the healthier they will be long into their lives.

The biggest benefit when it comes to considering a sport is that your child could be interested in anything. Parents may envisage their sons wanting to play soccer, for example, but if they have more of an interest in tennis, it is not as if they are losing any of the fitness benefits of playing this sport instead.

Sport can be excellent for development on many levels, particularly when it comes to dealing with the conflicting emotions of winning and losing, and becoming comfortable working within a team and relying on others.

Music Lessons

Whether you send your child along to a music club, facilitate access to a private tutor, or buy books and DVDs, music is a great way for a youngster to have some fun while expressing themselves.

Music is a fantastic release from problems even at an early age, and once your child finds they are comfortable with a particular instrument, it is likely that they will carry it as a hobby throughout many years of their life.

Music helps to develop the brain, making a child a better ‘sponge’ at school and increasing their ability to learn. Musical familiarity and competence from an early age has even been linked to an ability to solve complex mathematical equations in later life.

Social Clubs

These might be youth clubs where youngsters get together for a few hours a week, or something more organized, such as Scouts or Girl Guides. Whatever you opt for, by giving your child the additional time to interact with peers and share stories and ideas, you will be doing a great deal for their confidence and social skills.

In an organized setting, you also get the added bonus of your child picking up things from whatever activities they take part in, whether that be setting a campfire or learning how to read a map, for example, they are all things that will come in useful in later life.

Your Child’s Opportunity

Many parents shy away from getting their children involved in such clubs due to fears related to cost, but many of these initiatives do not have to mean spending a lot of money.

Explore the best way to get your child involved with additional activities outside of school, and enjoy the benefits to their schoolwork and life in general that they will receive.

Robert is a firm believer in the positive aspect of after school activities; he has one child learning how to play saxophone, while the other is a keen soccer player. Both of Robert’s children view these activities as fun hobbies as well as learning opportunities, and take every chance to practice their respective disciplines.


  1. My oldest does Irish dance that has no connection to her school. I wanted her to have something that is a break from the classroom and her school friends. She decides each quarter if she wants to dance or do something else with the park district.

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