Snowed In: What Families Can Do Together

Snowy winter weather brings work and school snow days. Winter vacation time can also mean “staycations” during cold and snowy days. When you find yourself stuck at home with the family without any plans, it’s time to get creative and dig up something fun to do. Snow days are the a perfect opportunity for family bonding and making memories. A great place to start is Pinterest, where you’ll find tons of fun snow day ideas for everything from cooking and candy making to science projects and games. Here are some of our ideas for what families can do together on a snowy day.

What Families Can Do Together

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Slow Food for Snow Days

Preparing a meal together and sitting down to eat is a good opportunity to talk and share kitchen chores. If you normally grab something prepackaged or fast before work and school in the morning, a snow day is the time to slow down and prepare some home cooked food. Discuss what everyone would like to eat, inventory the kitchen to see what ingredients are on hand, and go through a cookbook or online recipe site to get instructions, then give everyone a meal preparation task and get cooking.

  • Has it been a while since you took the time to make a hot breakfast? Make a hearty breakfast instead of cold milk and cereal or a bagel and orange juice. Go all out with scrambled eggs, pancakes or waffles, and something warm and delicious to drink such as hot chocolate or hot apple cider with cinnamon.
  • Take your snow day opportunity to make fun food items you don’t normally have time to prepare, such as cutting carrot and celery sticks to dip in salad dressing, or buttering up bread with garlic butter and topping with cheese for cheese bread with spaghetti.
  • Easy pizza recipes will fill a couple of hours at lunchtime, and little kids will have fun spreading the sauce and adding toppings.
  • Spend your cold winter day inside baking cookies. Get one or two favorite recipes and bake up a couple of batches of warm cookies to eat with cold milk while you watch a movie together or play online games like Jewel Quest to pass the time.

Hand-Made Games and Crafts

Make hand-made games and crafts you find on Pinterest for snow days, including:

  • Cotton Snowball Toss – Get out the cotton balls and 10 cups, and take turns tossing cotton balls into the cups. Make the farthest cups more points or put candy in each cup for those who get their “snowball” in a cup.
  • Make a simple ring toss game with a paper towel roll and paper plates. Tape the paper towel roll in the center of an inverted paper plate for the pole. Cut out the centers of four to six paper plates for rings, and take turns trying to get the rings on the stick.
  • Cut out paper snowflakes. If you have easel pads or large rolls of paper, make giant paper snowflakes.
  • Make paper towel butterflies with pipe cleaners twisted and tied in the center of a colored or painted paper towel.
  • Melt down old crayons in muffin tins for new multicolored crayons.

More fun ideas for a snowy day:


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