Make a Wreath to Welcome Easter and Spring!

The view out my patio door.

The view out my patio door.

In just a few days Easter will be here. Unfortunately, Easter weather won’t be. This morning I woke up to 5cm of snow and -13 celcius. Brr is right. School buses in our area were cancelled and winter seems to want to stay around just a little bit longer. So what’s a girl to do? I’m craving spring and all that comes with it, especially the warm temperatures and color. Yes color, I’m tired of white and drab!

Monday I popped over to Lemon Drop Pie to see what the SpinCycle prompt for this week was. Easter, anything to do with Easter. I must confess with all the snow it’s hard to believe Easter will be here in just a few days. Usually by this time of year, nature is well on its way to renewing itself which is one reason I love Easter so much. It is a great time to remember the renewing work that Jesus is doing in my own life.

Feeling a little discouraged about the lack of sping-like weather this year, my daughter and I decided to take matters into our own hands. We wanted color and we wanted it now! So we packed ourselves in the car, turned on the heater and drove to the Dollar Store. We were on the hunt for some artificial spring! We found some yellow and white flowers, pussy willow branches and green leaves. We also bought some bendable wire which we didn’t end up using and we repurposed a wreath I had in the basement.

We cut the flowers and leaves off their stems and trimmed the pussy willow branches. I ran downstairs and got my glue gun and we got to work. The whole project took us an hour or so. We drank tea, ate a couple cookies and had fun creating together. It was an evening well spent. Here is our finished product.

Make a Wreath to Welcome Easter and Spring!

I can’t wait to hang my wreath outside. I hope it lifts the spirits of people walking by and the guests we will be entertaining this weekend!

Happy Easter everyone!


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  1. Oh, that is a lovely wreath! And probably the best way to deal with all that snow all the time!

  2. So fun!

  3. Winter always stays late around us. We never have outdoor eggs hunts because it’s far too cold.
    Your wreath is so cheery!

  4. Lovely and a great memory for you and your daughter!!! May your day be blessed.

  5. I love the yellow and white flowers! They are so cheery! Have a wonderful Easter!

  6. gretchen says:

    SO lovely! I have a big wreath made of plastic eggs, but I think the spring flowers are much prettier. I hope you get a break from all the snow and whiteness soon!

  7. What a beautiful wreath! I love that you and your daughter took time to do this together. Despite the snow and drabness! Good for you. Happy Easter to you and yours.

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