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Bridal Shower GamesSummer is almost here and with it, wedding season will soon be upon us. Do you know of someone who is getting married this summer? Have you been invited to a bridal shower this year? My daughter is getting married in June and this month I have attended three bridal showers. All have been so special and lovely in their own way and each bridal shower has been unique. There are several things that make wedding showers a success, such as good planning, delicious treats and fun games. Picking bridal shower games to play depends a lot on how many guests you have and their age group.  I’d like to share with a few of the more popular games we played at my daughter’s showers.

Finding Mr. Right

Findng Mr. Right is a great game. It’s fun and easy to play and everyone at the shower participates at the same time. If you are having lots of guest, buy several small prizes that can be passed around. One gift for every five guest should suffice. One person reads the Mr. Right Story and when the word right (or write) is said the packages are passed to the right and when the word left is said the packages get passed to the left. At the end of the story whoever is holding a gift is a winner. This game will have your guests laughing and a great thing about this game is that the bride can participate.

What The Bride Wore

This is a fun little game that can be played by all age groups. Before the shower type up a list of questions about what the bride may or may not be wearing. Ask questions about her clothing, make up and accessories.  After the gifts have been opened ask the bride to leave the room and then hand out the questionnaire.  Guests must answer the questions as best they can. When everyone is done, invite the bride to rejoin the party and go over the questions. Whoever has the most correct answers gets a small prize.

He Said, She Said

This game is best played with guests that enjoy and participate in social media. Before the shower scan the groom and bride’s Facebook page or Twitter feed and pick some of their more funny statuses or tweets. Print them out and have the guest determine who each status or tweet belongs to. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Clothes Pin Game

This is a very traditional game and can be played throughout the shower. Give each guest, including the bride two or three clothes pins. Then announce if they see another guest cross their legs, use the word wedding, or say the word bride they can steal that person’s clothes pin. For this game you can really set any rules you choose for stealing the clothes pins. The person with the most clothes pins at the end of the shower wins.

Bridal Shower Gift Bingo

This is a fun shower game for large parties. Print out the blank bingo card found here and have guests guess what gifts the bride will receive and record each gift in a square on the card. As the gifts are opened guests can mark off any gifts they had written down. When the guest has 5 in a row they can call “Bride!” and win a small gift….. and lose a clothes pin.

Bridal Shower Quiz

If you are having a themed party you can research the theme online and come up with funny and interesting facts related to the theme you’ve chosen. Distribute paper and pen to your guests and ask them the questions. For this type of game, true or false and multiple choice answers are best. The person with the most correct answers and/or the most incorrect answers wins a prize.

Bridal Shower Game Prizes

When planning the bridal shower be sure to buy prizes that you can give to the winners of the games. Make sure to note if a game has more than one winner and buy accordingly. Here are some ideas for small prizes that were popular at the showers we went to and remember  dollar stores are a great place to get small gifts but be creative, remember most guests have lots of coffee mugs already and another may not be appreciated.

  • Gift cards for a favorite coffee shop in $5 dollar denominations
  • Potted flowers for the garden (in spring and summer)
  • Small chocolates
  • Hot chocolate or specialty tea packets
  • Measuring spoons

Whatever bridal shower games you decide to play with your guests, be relaxed. If you are enjoying your role as hostess your guests will feel relaxed in your company.

What bridal shower games have you played that you have enjoyed?

~Happy wedding season!

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