Word Art: Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is on my to do list everyday. The older I get the more I believe our thought life determines our actions, words and ultimately the quality of our relationships and life. I believe our thoughts are powerful. Staying positive isn’t always easy, people and circumstances in our life are not always at their best and that is when you need to choose how you will think. I like to remind myself of the many things I do have to be thankful for and sometimes it may just be the simple things that bring the biggest smile to my face.

The other day I was walking my pup and I met up with a neighbour. I remarked it was a nice day and he responded with, “At my age, any day I wake up to see the ceiling is a good day.” I loved his response and his thinking because he’s right. Every day is a gift, we are not guaranteed a tomorrow. We only have today. How will you spend it? I am choosing to be positive, I hope you will too.

Self talk is another area I am tackling every day. Have you ever listened to how you talk to yourself? It can be pretty discouraging, can’t it? When I first became aware of how I was self talking, I couldn’t believe how negative I was. I couldn’t imagine speaking that way to my children, husband or friends but yet I was tearing myself up everyday, over and over again. Now I try to stop that negative sound track before it gets out of hand. It isn’t easy, so many years of harsh self talk can’t be ended overnight, but being conscious of it is the first step to stopping it.

The Mayo Clinic has a great article on the subject of positive thinking and self talk. If you get chance, have a look.

Thank you Rebecca for the lovely word art and reminder to think positive. Will you join me and adopt a mindset of positive thinking?


positive thinking


  1. Indeed, some studies show that personality traits like optimism and pessimism can affect many areas of your health and well-being.

    I always knew it was healthier to keep the glass half full! 🙂

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