6 Family Activities Your Family Must Do This Summer

Summer will soon be here and your kids will be home from school and ready for some fun family activities full of adventure. What will you do with them this summer? If you haven’t got a clue, last summer we published 65 Inexpensive Kids Activities For This Summer. That post might get you thinking and planning some family activities! But the fun doesn’t have to stop once the sun goes down. Here are six awesome activities you and your family should make sure to do this summer.

Watch the Sunset

After a day full of fun family activities, wind down by watching the sunset. Most weather web sites list the time of sunset so  you will be able to plan accordingly. Bring a blanket and a few favorite books to read while you wait for the sun to set on another great summer’s day.

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Watch The Stars Come Out

This summer make sure you and your family take the time to watch the stars come out on a warm summer evening. Make sure to pick a clear night. If you live in a city you might need to take a drive out the country side where it’s a little darker. Bring a blanket, an astrology book and your imagination. If you have them, bring a set of binoculars to make the experience up close and personal. While you wait for the stars to come out, listen to and try to indentify the night time insects and animals you hear. As the stars reveal themselves one at a time allow your children to marvel at the vastness and beautfy of our universe. Look for falling stars and be sure to make a wish!

Family Activities

Enjoy A Fireworks Show

Summer and fireworks are a wonderful combination. Depending where you live, most towns and cities celebrate national holidays with a fireworks display. Bringing sparklers along to be enjoyed while you’re waiting for the main event to begin will add more fun and excitiment. We’ve got some great tips for taking night time photos too. Don’t forget the bug spray!

Family Activities

Go To The Drive-In

Drive ins are becoming a relic of the past but if you live close to one, why not take the family to a movie in the car? Most drive ins have playgrounds for the kids and snack bars. The kids will enjoy watching a movie from the car in their jammies and if you’re lucky they might even fall asleep before the second feature, and then you and your honey can have a date night while the kids sleep soundly in the back seat.

Family Activities

Roast Some Marshmallows

Plan an evening around the campfire. Spend time roasting marshmallows, telling funny stories and singing camp songs. Your kids will love spending time around the campfire and making new memories with you. Why limit the roasting fun to only marshmallows, try hotdogs and s’mores for even more yummy goodness.

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Catch Fireflies

Fireflies are fun and they capture a child’s imagination like no other insect. Fireflies live in long grasses, marshy areas and regions near the edges of ponds, lakes, streams and other bodies of water. They can thrive under low-hanging trees, in forests and fields, and even in your yard or vegetable garden. To learn more about catching and keeping fireflies check out this great web site we found.

Family Activities

Which of these family activities will you try? Let us know how your family enjoyed them! Happy summer evenings!


  1. All activities I remember and loved as a child! I don’t know if there is a drive-in near us, but the old one I went to as a kid still works! May have to check it out next time we visit Grandma and Grandpa!

  2. A great reminder that you can have fun outdoors for absolutely free!

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