I have a serious case of wanderlust and living in a beach town doesn’t help at all. Every day as I go about my routine activities—banking, groceries, and walking the dog—I am reminded that people are on vacation. I see vacationers walking down to the beach with towels under their arm. I see women walking through the grocery store in their bathing suits and cover ups. I see families going on bike rides and I wish that I, too, were on vacation. We did have time off this summer, but we were very busy. Our daughter got married and we had a delightful time visiting with and entertaining family and friends from near and far but now I’m ready for a ‘do nothing except what I want staycation.’ I’ve just e-mailed Techno Dude and asked him if he can swing some time off in August. I hope his reply is YES!

This beautiful photograph from Rebecca was taken at a nearby national park location, called Halfway Log Dump. It’s name is quite decieiving, who would want to visit a dump, but from the picture you can tell it’s anything but?! The entire beach is covered in beautiful, white, smooth stones. The water is crystal clear and often quite cold. If you are a rock climber, there are lots of opportunities to scale to higher heights further down the beach. It is a wonderful place to spend the day with family and friends.

This week on the Spin Cycle, Ginny and Gretchen, are blogging about parks and recreation and I’m happy to share this lovely spot with you!

Do you have wanderlust? Perhaps this beautiful photograph has given you a desire to visit Halfway Log Dump. Have you just recently returned from vacation or do you have vacation plans? We’d love to hear about it!


Thank you for this beautiful photograph, Rebecca. It definitely gives me wanderlust!

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  1. vandylj says:

    I could use some beach time too. It’s a long way to the beach for us, but maybe next summer we can find a beach to visit.

  2. Go for it! Seriously, if you can’t take care of yourself then what else is left?
    P.S. Please send pictures so we can live vicariously through you. :)

  3. I hope you are able to have a staycation in August! How fun! We just spent a short time at the beach on Lake Michigan last weekend, and were the tourists in town. The beach is so relaxing!

  4. What a beautiful photo! Hope you can make that vacation sometime soon!

  5. Oh man, Halfway Log Dump looks amazing! I know what you mean about living in a vacation destination. I get jealous of the tourists!

  6. OH, that beach looks amazing. No water around here unless you count what the rain collects. No tourists here, just harried moms and dads.

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