Teaching Your Teenager to Drive: Should You Start With Manual or Automatic?

Teaching your teen to drive

There are a lot of things to consider when you start teaching your teenager to drive. One of the biggest question parents face is whether to start out their child on manual or automatic transmission vehicles. As of August 2013, just 3.9 percent of new cars sold for the year in the U.S. had manual […]

Tech Tuesday: Using Cell Phones to Protect Your Teen


If your tweens don’t already own cell phones, they have probably been begging you for their own. While you may think that they are too young to own a phone, more than likely, a number of their peers already possess one. Using cell phones to protect your tween from trouble is a good idea. According […]

Student Loans

mini college graduation cap on cash

The world of loans and interest rates can be brutal for people who are not truly aware of the various strategies and tactics employed by banks worldwide. The race to find clients, from all age groups, can become very competitive in the banking world and this competition leads bankers to push boundaries and bend ethics […]



My husband and I are blessed to be the parents of two beautiful and intelligent daughters. These two girls have brought immeasurable joy into our lives. As they were growing up we always knew we would have to share them with someone else and as they approached their teen years we set in place some […]

Teach Your Daughter Modest Dress


You know the reasons your daughter needs to dress modestly. The challenge is to teach your daughter why she needs to make a decision, on her own, that such a dress code is best for her. Teaching a daughter to dress properly should be part of an overall task of teaching your daughter modesty. Here […]

How to Prevent your Teen From Misusing Their Cell Phone

Preventing teen's from misusing cell phones

The decision to give a teenager a cell phone is one that is weighed heavily by many parents. On one hand, cell phones can give parents an extra sense of security when they know that they can reach their child at any time. However, the freedom that comes with a cell phone can often lead […]

Manners Matter: The Thank You Note


Manners matter.  Ask any manager of a business.   Take note when you go to a well-run store, how the sales people are all carefully trained to say “How are you today?” and “How can I help?” and of course, almost always, “Thank you.” Putting “Thank you” in writing turns a golden skill into one […]