Etsy Mothers Day Gifts

Etsy Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and Etsy is a great place to find a unique gift for your Mom’s special day. Browsing through Etsy’s online marketplace has become an enjoyable pastime for me. I love seeing and being inspired by the creativity of others. I hope these Etsy Mothers Day gifts inspire you as well. If you’re interested […]

Tech Tuesday: ecobee Smart WiFi Thermostat

ecobee3 Smart WiFi Thermostat

Apparently, before the Nest Learning Thermostat was created, there was Canadian firm called ecobee with a smart wifi thermostat of their own. Unfortunately, they were priced higher than the Nest which had a ton of great press and an attainable price of $249. I could afford the Nest and I was a sucker for its auto-away […]

Etsy Round-Up: Fruity

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.12.55 PM

While looking on Etsy for fun, I came across a listing with the sweetest colour combination of pastel pinks, yellows and oranges. I loved the unexpected combination so much that I decided to create an Etsy round up featuring the colours. Enjoy! Original Abstract Painting: linneaheideart Clay Bead Necklace: MaggieAndMeCreative Coral Watercolour Print: SandraOvono Crocheted Beads: ThreeBlueBees Nesting Bowls: BiscuitCuit […]

Etsy Round-Up: Round and Round

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 5.03.30 PM

I love circles. Aside from being a fun shape (which is nearly impossible to draw), they hold so much symbolism for life, love and nature because it is a perfectly smooth shape which has no end. There’s something so fun and classic about a simple polka dot pattern that just makes me smile. Most of […]

Tech Tuesday: Cool Cooler: Coolest


With summer in full swing, there’s a good chance that you have already put your trusty cooler to work at the beach, on a picnic or road trip, or keeping drinks cool in the backyard or at the game field. But is your cooler as cool as it can be? What about the name? It’s […]

Tech Tuesday: iGrill mini

iGrill mini and base

My 2 daughters are well aware of my tech tendencies, so it isn’t really a surprise that they would surprise me on Fathers Day with a gift that reflects this. This year the gift they gave me was an iGrillmini. This gift does a great job of combining two of my great loves: technology and barbecuing. […]

Etsy Round-Up: Father’s Day Gifts

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 8.17.38 PM

Father’s Day has almost snuck up on me once again. Shopping for men always seems to be a daunting task. My dad is easy to shop for when it comes to music and his iPhone or iPad. This is my very first Etsy Round-Up of Father’s Day gifts. Here you’ll find fun and personalized shirts and accessories mixed […]

Etsy Round-Up: Etsy Shops In Bloom

Etsy Round-Up: In Bloom

I’ve been out and about documenting the blooming flowers with my camera. Spring and Autumn are two of the most beautiful seasons because of the change that nature experiences. Each week something different happens outside. I love it! Of course, this inspired a floral-themed Etsy Round-Up too! Covered Buttons: TomiBell ‘Oh Happy Day’ Greeting Card: PrintSmitten Flower Crown: LoveSparklePretty […]

Etsy Round-Up: Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day Round-Up

I can’t believe April is over and now May is here! Next Sunday is Mother’s Day and it’s time for an Etsy Round-Up gift guide for inspiration. Besides the sweet-yet-typical gift of flowers and chocolates, here are some unique ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that we think any mom would love!   Custom Cutting Board: Katleminvitations Birthstone […]

Etsy Round-Up: Feeling Blue

Etsy Round Up: Feeling Blue

Lately I’ve been loving blue. Rich, navy blue, found in the deepest part of the ocean. Inspired by the sea, I took a look on Etsy to see what I could find. I loved what I found! Take a look: Fish Scale Fabric: Kimonomomo Quartzite Earrings: Jewellery of the Lakes Merino/Nylon Yarn: Jackalope Fibers Mason Jar Soap Dispenser: Industrial […]