How to Give Your Kids a Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Outdoor Initiative How to Give Your Kids a Daily Dose of Vitamin D 3

With more schools making the decision to cut recess out of the school day, kids have less time to get active and play outside. Playing outdoors isn’t just something fun to do. This activity is important so children can receive a good dose of vitamin D. The sun is one of the best natural sources […]

My Thrift Store Quilts

Thrift Store Quilt

For as long as I can remember I had wanted to quilt. There was just one thing holding me back: I didn’t know how. All that changed about 13 years ago when a friend invited me to join our local quilting group. At that time this lovely and gifted group of ladies were making quilts […]

Tech Tuesday: Columbia House Goes Bankrupt

13 records for a penny at Columbia House

Did you ever sign up for 13 LPs for a penny or 8 CDs for a penny? I did—twice. And I used the deals to help build my music library while living in a community that had mediocre record stores and even worse AM radio (and no FM radio to speak of). The initial 13 […]

Tech Tuesday: Bookbub


This week we have a special guest writer. Joyce is Techno Dude’s mom and she was the first one to recommend BookBub to us. We’ve downloaded lots of books since signing up and we are delighted with the service. Now we’d like her to tell you about this great way to get books free. Thank […]

Tech Tuesday: CRTC Mandates Pick and Pay TV in Canada

Let' s Talk TV: CRTC Mandates Pick and Pay TV in Canada

After more than a year of deliberations, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has decided to impose new rules on the Canadian television landscape that could dramatically alter the way TV content is consumed in this country. The Cable and Satellite industry has been given a long time to implement these rules with none […]

Tech Tuesday: App Review – Best Fiends

Best Fiends

Techno Dude has been running ever since we got back from vacation. So I thought I would help him out by writing a Tech Tuesday post this week. This weekend the kids came home to celebrate our birthdays and our oldest daughter shared a game with us. She loves playing match three games and if the game […]


The finished project!

I have always loved knitting. I started knitting in my early teens and I remember asking my friend’s mothers for help when it came to binding off my stitches and such. In my early twenties I fell in love with knitting sweaters on the round. I was fascinated with the concept of being able to […]

Arm Knitting

our second scarf.

Over the Christmas holidays my daughter and I found a new crafting idea that we fell in love with. It’s called arm knitting. That’s right, knitting with your arms instead of needles. I came across this idea on Facebook when I complimented a friend’s scarf. She told me her friend had arm knit the scarf […]

Etsy Round-Up: Halloween Inspiration

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.39.54 PM

If your fall has been anything like mine, Halloween has crept up on you too. Well, fear not because this week’s Etsy Round-Up has lots of Halloween Inspiration. I’m featuring crafts that you can create yourself with some paint, wood, construction paper, scissors and twine. These crafts are easy and fun and are bound to get you […]

Tech Tuesday: Spoiler Alert


Are you the kind of person who reads the ending of the book well before you are halfway through it? Or maybe you run out of the room when people talk about a film you haven’t seen because you don’t want to spoil it. Whether you like them or not, everybody has an opinion on and […]