How to Give Your Kids a Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Outdoor Initiative How to Give Your Kids a Daily Dose of Vitamin D 3

With more schools making the decision to cut recess out of the school day, kids have less time to get active and play outside. Playing outdoors isn’t just something fun to do. This activity is important so children can receive a good dose of vitamin D. The sun is one of the best natural sources […]

Nature’s Music

Nature Quote

Have you had the opportunity to sit perfectly still while surrounded by nature? It’s a beautiful thing. As you still yourself you begin to hear nature’s music: the rustling of the leaves on the trees, the singing of the birds, and the chatter of insects. It’s not always easy to steal away and find a few moments to […]

Relieving Back To School Anxiety


Summer is quickly coming to an end for kids all around the country and, like some children, your child might be experiencing some back-to-school anxiety. This can show itself in many ways including separation anxiety, trouble falling asleep, and cranky behaviour. Many children fear the unknown and the beginning of a new school year brings many unknowns […]

Live Free

Live Free

Live free. What does that look like? Here are some ideas that come to mind. Forgive others, think about the postive in your life instead of the negative, surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, be truthful, live within your financial means, love passionately, laugh often, exercise, explore your hobbies, try new […]

Surround Yourself With The Dreamers

Surround Yourself with the Dreamers

I believe the company we choose to keep is important to our well being. This quote, “Surround yourself with the dreamers…” by Edmund Lee is very powerful. We need people in our life that will lift us up, inspire us and encourage to keep going, doing and being. We especially need these people in our lives […]

Why I’m Not Losing Weight

Why I'm Not Losing Weight

Lately I’ve wondered why I’m not losing weight. As many of you know I had done Weight Watchers quite faithfully and managed to take off quite a lot of weight. For the past year or so I was on a fairly successful weight maintenance program. However, this year after our vacation down south in March things have been […]

Letting Go Quotes

Letting Go Quotes

I really like reading letting go quotes. I think it’s because I need to be reminded to let go of things I tend to hold on to that I shouldn’t. People, circumstances and past events can all start taking up room in my mind, often times without my really being aware that it’s happening. Before […]

All You Need Is Less

All You Need Is Less

I have a lot of stuff: so much stuff that I need a three bedroom home to hold it all. I used to think the stuff we had was because we had children, but I can’t use them as an excuse anymore. The kids moved out and took all of their stuff but there is still a lot […]

She Believed She Could, So She Did

Self Confidence quotes

I have read a lot of self confidence quotes lately, but when Rebecca sent in this quote for our Word Art Wednesday it instantly resonated with me, so much so that I am adopting it as my motivational quote for 2015. I have never had an abundance of self confidence. Growing up without a mother and being moved from […]

Tech Tuesday: Impossible Bike folds into your backpack

Impossible Bike

Imagine an electric bike that has a range of more than 15 miles (24 km) and that folds up so small, you can put it in your backpack. Impossible, you say? Yes, it is Impossible and it has been developed by a Chinese group called Impossible Technology. The Impossible bike weighs less than 11 lb […]