Tech Tuesday: Superfast iPhone Restart


Last time, I wrote about a quick fix for a slow iPad, which provided a quick method of speeding up your iOS device without taking all the time required to fully shutdown and startup the device manually. There are some times when you need more than just a RAM clean-up and a typical full restart is a process […]

Tech Tuesday: Quick Fix for a Slow iPad

Quick fix for a Slow iPad

Does your iPad seem to be bogged down in molasses? Is it taking forever to refresh a web page or Facebook news feed? One way to speed it up is to do a complete restart, shutting it down fully and then starting it up again, but what if you don’t have time for the precious minutes […]

Tech Tuesday: Automatic Brakes Soon To Be Standard Equipment

Automatic Brakes

Automatic Emergency Braking is a feature that is an available option on a number of higher-end vehicles and it is likely to become a standard safety feature on most new cars. The feature uses various sensors that may include radar, lasers, and cameras to detect obstacles and can warn drivers and, if necessary, automatically apply […]

Tech Tuesday: Columbia House Goes Bankrupt

13 records for a penny at Columbia House

Did you ever sign up for 13 LPs for a penny or 8 CDs for a penny? I did—twice. And I used the deals to help build my music library while living in a community that had mediocre record stores and even worse AM radio (and no FM radio to speak of). The initial 13 […]

Tech Tuesday: Iris Project Smart Car System

Iris Automotive Heads-up Display

My daughter knows that I am into cars and that I have a fascination for the intersection of cars and technology, so it’s no surprise that she alerted me to the Iris project. DD Technology’s Iris Project provides a “heads up” display directly in your line of vision that can provide navigational directions; phone alerts […]

Tech Tuesday: Automatic Expands beyond the US border

Automatic Adapter

As an avid driver and a bit of a car buff, I have been following Automatic for while. They sell a small adapter that plugs into the OBD-II Onboard Diagnostic Port that you’ll find under the dashboard of almost every North American Car sold in the last 17-19 years. The Automatic adapter will pair over […]

Tech Tuesday: ELP Laser Turntable

ELP Laser Turntable

For somebody with a very large record collection, the cost of moving to digital is rather expensive in either time or money. Each LP is worth anywhere from $10 to $17 or more as a digital equivalent, and converting LPs by hand takes about an hour per disk if your are fairly efficient and it goes […]

Tech Tuesday: SnapPower USB Charger

SnapPower USB Charger

Every now and then a new product comes along that is simply brilliant. The SnapPower USB Charger integrates a USB power port into any standard outlet without requiring any rewiring at all! It accomplishes this feat by using what they call Power Prong Technology to automatically achieve a connection to the screws mounted on the […]

Tech Tuesday: Bookbub


This week we have a special guest writer. Joyce is Techno Dude’s mom and she was the first one to recommend BookBub to us. We’ve downloaded lots of books since signing up and we are delighted with the service. Now we’d like her to tell you about this great way to get books free. Thank […]

Tech Tuesday: CRTC Mandates Pick and Pay TV in Canada

Let' s Talk TV: CRTC Mandates Pick and Pay TV in Canada

After more than a year of deliberations, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has decided to impose new rules on the Canadian television landscape that could dramatically alter the way TV content is consumed in this country. The Cable and Satellite industry has been given a long time to implement these rules with none […]