Tech Tuesday: Superfast iPhone Restart


Last time, I wrote about a quick fix for a slow iPad, which provided a quick method of speeding up your iOS device without taking all the time required to fully shutdown and startup the device manually. There are some times when you need more than just a RAM clean-up and a typical full restart is a process […]

Tech Tuesday: Quick Fix for a Slow iPad

Quick fix for a Slow iPad

Does your iPad seem to be bogged down in molasses? Is it taking forever to refresh a web page or Facebook news feed? One way to speed it up is to do a complete restart, shutting it down fully and then starting it up again, but what if you don’t have time for the precious minutes […]

Tech Tuesday: SnapPower USB Charger

SnapPower USB Charger

Every now and then a new product comes along that is simply brilliant. The SnapPower USB Charger integrates a USB power port into any standard outlet without requiring any rewiring at all! It accomplishes this feat by using what they call Power Prong Technology to automatically achieve a connection to the screws mounted on the […]

Tech Tuesday: Bookbub


This week we have a special guest writer. Joyce is Techno Dude’s mom and she was the first one to recommend BookBub to us. We’ve downloaded lots of books since signing up and we are delighted with the service. Now we’d like her to tell you about this great way to get books free. Thank […]

Tech Tuesday: Quitting Apps on iOS

Recently Used Apps

Apple’s iOS which powers their iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches is very stable and powerful and you generally don’t need to worry about leaving apps running as the operating system places very tight controls on what apps can do when in the background. Apps typically will not run your battery down, take up valuable memory, or cause […]

Tech Tuesday: Add Bluetooth to Your Car

Bluetooth for the Car

Bluetooth is becoming more and more common in cars these days, mostly to enable hands-free phone calls, but Bluetooth is also great for streaming music without the need for cables. If you have a smartphone or music player that supports Bluetooth audio, but you don’t have a Bluetooth-enabled car, there are two new ways to […]

Tech Tuesday: Cool Tool – Chargerito


Are you tired of untangling charger cables, or worse, losing them and then getting caught with an empty phone battery? Billing itself as the world’s smallest phone charger, Chargerito promises to solve that problem for you by being small enough to fit on your key chain. When unfolded, Chargerito plugs into a wall socket and provides either […]

Tech Tuesday: August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

August has developed a smart lock that has the potential to radically change the way you grant access to your home. The smart lock uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with your smartphone and the smartphones of your chosen guests to enable keyless access. You can set specific time frames and durations for each guest […]

Tech Tuesday: Top Ten Favourite Apps

Top Ten Favourite Apps

This week’s TuesdayTen is all about apps. What apps do you have on your phone/tablet/computer that you just couldn’t live without?  Tell us your favorite, your most used, or even the ones you wish existed. Here is a list of my top ten favourite apps in no particular order. Some of these are for mobile devices […]

Tech Tuesday: iGrill mini

iGrill mini and base

My 2 daughters are well aware of my tech tendencies, so it isn’t really a surprise that they would surprise me on Fathers Day with a gift that reflects this. This year the gift they gave me was an iGrillmini. This gift does a great job of combining two of my great loves: technology and barbecuing. […]