Pick and Pay TV

Tech Tuesday: Pick and Pay TV

In a move that is long overdue, Bell Canada is officially proposing true Pick and Pay for all TV channels that are not part of their basic TV service. Customers have been asking for this for years as they are … [Read More...]

Finding Yourself

Finding Yourself

Finding yourself is a life-long goal, isn't it? Here I am in middle age and I can't honestly say I've found myself yet. Perhaps this is because my life, like yours no doubt, is continually changing. Life is a … [Read More...]

Word art

Word Art: Dream

This week my daughter, the one who makes these beautiful pieces of Word Art is getting married. What an exciting time for our family. Not only is my daughter’s dream of being a bride coming true but our family … [Read More...]

iGrill mini and base

Tech Tuesday: iGrill mini

My 2 daughters are well aware of my tech tendencies, so it isn't really a surprise that they would surprise me on Fathers Day with a gift that reflects this. This year the gift they gave me was an iGrillmini. … [Read More...]

Family activities

6 Family Activities Your Family Must Do This Summer

Summer will soon be here and your kids will be home from school and ready for some fun family activities full of adventure. What will you do with them this summer? If you haven't got a clue, last summer we … [Read More...]

Quotes About Life

Quotes About Life: There Is Beauty In Everything

There is beauty in everything is another great truth that we can stick in our mental binder of quotes about life. This beauty may not be readily apparent, especially when we are walking through deep waters, but … [Read More...]