Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

How do you deal with stress? I try to reduce my stress by making lists. The act of writing things down on a piece of paper seems to ease my mind. Keeping numerous lists means they can easily be misplaced or … [Read More...]

The Best Way to Reheat Pizza

The Best Method of Reheating Pizza

I have a love/hate relationship with pizza. I love pizza. Especially pizza from a pizzeria. I love the crust, the gooey cheese, the sauce and the multitude of topping choices. I hate that pizza is worth so many … [Read More...]


Sun Sea and Sand

It seems to me like this summer is flying by. I can't believe August is already here. Soon kids across the country will be preparing to go back to school and the lazy, hazy days of summer will be a fond memory … [Read More...]

Happiness is a walk on the beach

Happiness Is…

How would you finish this sentence, 'Happiness is... ?' What is your happiness and where do you find it? One the happiest places for me is by the water. I wish our home was on the water but, unfortunately, … [Read More...]

Iris Automotive Heads-up Display

Tech Tuesday: Iris Project Smart Car System

My daughter knows that I am into cars and that I have a fascination for the intersection of cars and technology, so it's no surprise that she alerted me to the Iris project. DD Technology's Iris Project … [Read More...]

Bloom Where You are Planted

Bloom Where You Are Planted

This week two great countries celebrate their birthdays. Canada celebrates it's 148th birthday today July 1, and the USA celebrates it's 239th birthday on July 4. When I saw Rebecca's word art submission … [Read More...]