Soba Cable Director

Tech Tuesday: Soba Cable Director

One of the few drawbacks of being into technology and gadgets is that you tend to have cables and wires going every which way that end up looking extremely untidy. Soba Cable Director is one of the most elegant … [Read More...]

Signs Of Autumn

Suddenly There Are Signs of Autumn

It seems like summer just got here, yet there is no denying that signs of autumn are everywhere. I need only look out my office window to see that the changing of seasons will soon be upon us. For the last week … [Read More...]

You Are Loved

You Are Loved

You are loved are such nice words to hear. When I saw this word art from Rebecca I fell in love with it immediately. I hope you enjoy it too! This print, as well as many others are available at Rebecca's … [Read More...]

New Streetcar

Tech Tuesday: Toronto’s New Streetcars

Toronto is not only the home of world-renowned Mayor Rob Ford. It is also home to an extensive and efficient fleet of streetcars that travel along a network of tracks that provide excellent public transit … [Read More...]

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 5.03.30 PM

Etsy Round-Up: Round and Round

I love circles. Aside from being a fun shape (which is nearly impossible to draw), they hold so much symbolism for life, love and nature because it is a perfectly smooth shape which has no end. There's … [Read More...]

Choose Happiness

Choose Happiness

We don't always have to choose happiness. Most days happiness finds us and our day goes on without incident, but then there are other times in our lives when we must choose happiness. You know those days? I … [Read More...]