Playing Dress Up

From Playing Dress Up to Being Grown Up

It seems like yesterday that my girls were young and I was spending my days playing, feeding and cleaning up after them. I thought the piles of laundry and toys strewn all over the house would never come to an … [Read More...]


Relieving Back To School Anxiety

Summer is quickly coming to an end for kids all around the country and, like some children, your child might be experiencing some back-to-school anxiety. This can show itself in many ways including separation … [Read More...]

Thrift Store Quilt

My Thrift Store Quilts

For as long as I can remember I had wanted to quilt. There was just one thing holding me back: I didn't know how. All that changed about 13 years ago when a friend invited me to join our local quilting group. … [Read More...]

Explore Dream Discover

Explore Dream Discover

Have you done any exploring, dreaming, or discovering this summer? I love this quote that Rebecca submitted this week. It really challenges me to move out of my comfort zone and try something new. One new thing … [Read More...]

13 records for a penny at Columbia House

Tech Tuesday: Columbia House Goes Bankrupt

Did you ever sign up for 13 LPs for a penny or 8 CDs for a penny? I did—twice. And I used the deals to help build my music library while living in a community that had mediocre record stores and even worse AM … [Read More...]

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

How do you deal with stress? I try to reduce my stress by making lists. The act of writing things down on a piece of paper seems to ease my mind. Keeping numerous lists means they can easily be misplaced or … [Read More...]