Encouraging Words

Encouraging Words

Sometimes life can get pretty hard to navigate and perhaps you find yourself in the middle of one of these times. May these encouraging words help you to stay the course, even though the path is difficult. Most … [Read More...]

ecobee3 Smart WiFi Thermostat

Tech Tuesday: ecobee Smart WiFi Thermostat

Apparently, before the Nest Learning Thermostat was created, there was Canadian firm called ecobee with a smart wifi thermostat of their own. Unfortunately, they were priced higher than the Nest which had a ton … [Read More...]

inspirational sailing quotes

Inspirational Sailing Quotes

I was delighted to see another one of rdPrints inspirational sailing quotes when I opened my email this week. I really admire Rebecca's ability to capture water and sky in her photography. If you look closely … [Read More...]


Tech Tuesday: Spoiler Alert

Are you the kind of person who reads the ending of the book well before you are halfway through it? Or maybe you run out of the room when people talk about a film you haven't seen because you don't want to … [Read More...]

Squash Recipes

4 Squash Recipes

Fall has me yearning for creamy soups and home-made comfort foods. Our local farm has had an abundant squash harvest this year.  Seeing all their squash motivated me to go to Pinterest and look for some … [Read More...]

Autumn is Here Poem

Autumn Is Here Poem

Autumn officially arrived this week and to celebrate I have written a little Autumn is Here poem. I hope you enjoy it! Have you noticed the change of season in your area? I can tell autumn has arrived just … [Read More...]