Jellybean Bark

Jellybean Bark

A long time ago I met a wonderful lady who loved making chocolate candy at Christmas time. I would often join her for an evening of chocolate making fun. Staying up until the wee hours of the morning we would … [Read More...]

Family Reunion

How to Make Your Next Family Reunion a Huge Success

Planning a successful family reunion, no matter how many people you’re expecting, is a big undertaking. You want the experience to be fun and memorable for all involved, but that takes a lot of work. Make sure … [Read More...]

Nick and Silke

Catching Up With Nick and Silke Jager

A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Nick and Silke Jager when they garciously agreed to let me interview them. Over the years we've kept in touch and I thought it would be fun to let you catch up with … [Read More...]

It Always Seems Impossible Until it's done

It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done

I can be a procrastinator. How about you? Sometimes when I think a task is just too big, too time consuming, or too confusing I procrastinate doing it. I tell myself it's impossible, that I just can't do it. … [Read More...]


Tech Tuesday: Superfast iPhone Restart

Last time, I wrote about a quick fix for a slow iPad, which provided a quick method of speeding up your iOS device without taking all the time required to fully shutdown and startup the device manually. There … [Read More...]

Outdoor Initiative How to Give Your Kids a Daily Dose of Vitamin D 3

How to Give Your Kids a Daily Dose of Vitamin D

With more schools making the decision to cut recess out of the school day, kids have less time to get active and play outside. Playing outdoors isn't just something fun to do. This activity is important so … [Read More...]