Being The Best Version of Ourselves

Sometimes we need a reminder to stop focusing on what others are doing or worrying about how we compare to those around us. In truth, we will do much better if we focus on being the best version of … [Read More...]

Let' s Talk TV: CRTC Mandates Pick and Pay TV in Canada

Tech Tuesday: CRTC Mandates Pick and Pay TV in Canada

After more than a year of deliberations, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has decided to impose new rules on the Canadian television landscape that could dramatically alter … [Read More...]

Looking ahead

Looking Ahead

This word art by Rebecca, "There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind" encourages me to keep striving and looking forward to what tomorrow has in store for me. Yes, there have been some very … [Read More...]

Best Fiends

Tech Tuesday: App Review – Best Fiends

Techno Dude has been running ever since we got back from vacation. So I thought I would help him out by writing a Tech Tuesday post this week. This weekend the kids came home to celebrate our birthdays and … [Read More...]

Be Kind

Be Kind

I just love this photo from Rebecca. Be kind is such a lovely reminder that kindness goes a long way in making others feel loved and appreciated. Whatever you are doing today, remember to be kind. Here are a … [Read More...]

Logic Vs. Imagination


This word art is for all you creative people out there. It was made by one of the most creative people I know. My husband and I are opposites in so many ways, but especially in the way we think. He is very … [Read More...]