Tech Tuesday: Apple WWDC Keynote Highlights


Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) just began yesterday and the keynote presentation revealed some interesting new features for both OS X and iOS. Here are some of the highlights: Apple has 9 million registered developers which is up 57% from last year. Mac growth in the past year was 12% overall industry decline of 5%. […]

Tech Tuesday: Apple CarPlay


Apple has been working with car manufacturers for a while now working to integrate iPhones and othes iOS devices into car systems. Their latest initiative, called CarPlay, is sure to provide the most seamless experience yet. Using CarPlay, a connected iPhone will be able to display maps and other content directly on the car’s native […]

Tech Tuesday: The Windows Monopoly

There seems to be a widely-held belief in the media and in the general population that the Windows monopoly in the PC market was a natural one and that the same phenomenon will, therefore, play out in the smart phone market, leading to a natural monopoly for Android. There are a few reasons why this […]

Tech Tuesday: Preview – Hot Watch


Recently I spent some time talking about the possibility of an Apple iWatch and I mentioned the Pebble smartwatch for those that aren’t willing to wait for Apple, Google or Samsung. Well, now there is another smartwatch in the works and this one has some really cool features. The Hot Watch contains a speaker and […]

Tech Tuesday: How about an iMicrowave?


I’ve been wondering lately why microwave ovens have so many buttons on the front panel. I’m pretty sure the vast majority of us simply punch in the time to cook and some sort of Start or Go button and never do anything else, so why are there so many buttons? It only takes ten buttons […]

Tech Tuesday: 5 Years of the App Store


This week Apple is celebrating the fifth birthday of its App Store by giving away 10 apps including 5 games. Here is the list of Apps on offer this week: Barefoot World Atlas Day One (Journal / Diary) How to Cook Everything Over Traktor DJ BADLAND Infinity Blade II Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Tiny […]

Tech Tuesday: iOS 7 Control Center


After watching the Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference keynote video, I have to say that the one feature of iOS 7 that I am most looking forward to is the new Control Center. This little gem is only a swipe away wherever you are in iOS 7 and it gives quick access to some of the […]

Tech Tuesday: Review – Apple Earpods


I have struggled for quite some time trying to find the right earphones for my odd-sized ears. I say that they are odd-sized because they are each a different size. If an earbud fits well in my left ear, then its partner does not fit in my right ear and vice versa. I have tried […]

Has The Pebble Watch Beat Apple To The Punch?


A couple of weeks ago, I posted my own musings about the iWatch and the rest of the smart watch arena. This week, we have a guest post with additional thoughts on how things might play out. Enjoy, Techno Dude The tech world has been abuzz in the past few months about problems in Cupertino […]

Tech Tuesday: Wondering about the iWatch


Apple is such a dominant force in technology that the media can’t seem to stop talking about them. Every factoid and rumour is flogged ad nauseum until there seems to be nothing left to add. Now that they finally seem to have stopped bashing Apple and its share price into the basement, complaining that they have lost […]