Tech Tuesday: Quitting Apps on iOS

Recently Used Apps

Apple’s iOS which powers their iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches is very stable and powerful and you generally don’t need to worry about leaving apps running as the operating system places very tight controls on what apps can do when in the background. Apps typically will not run your battery down, take up valuable memory, or cause […]

Tech Tuesday: App R.I.P. – Bump


A few weeks back I reviewed the app Bump that allows you to easily share content between smartphones, tablets and computers. Unfortunately, according to the official blog, Bump is now going to be discontinued. If you are a current user, your files and data will only be kept on Bump’s servers until the end of […]

Tech Tuesday: Using Cell Phones to Protect Your Teen


If your tweens don’t already own cell phones, they have probably been begging you for their own. While you may think that they are too young to own a phone, more than likely, a number of their peers already possess one. Using cell phones to protect your tween from trouble is a good idea. According […]

Tech Tuesday: App Review – Bump


Have you been looking for an easy way to share photos and contact info with other smartphone users? If so, Bump may be the app for you. As long as you and your friend are both running the app you can share these items and more simply by lightly bumping your phones against each other. […]

Tech Tuesday: App Review – Home Library


A few weeks ago I suddenly got on a James Bond kick. I suppose it was a combination of the franchise celebrating 50 years and the release for home audiences of the latest film, Skyfall, that triggered it, but my sweetie and I decided that we would watch the entire series of 22 films sequentially […]

Tech Tuesday: App Review – Apps Gone Free


A few weeks ago, when a colleague of mine discovered that I had an iPad, he asked if I had Apps Gone Free. At first I thought he was saying something about Something Gone Wild and I wondered what he was getting at. His question turned out to be innocent enough as Apps Gone Free […]

Tech Tuesday: App Review – Evernote


Over the past few years I had been hearing every now and then about an app called Evernote. I kept hearing good things about it, but I never had much need for a note-taking application, so I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to it. All this changed this past Christmas, so I thought […]

Tech Tuesday: App Review – 12 Days of Christmas


Just in time for Christmas, Apple’s iTunes store has a free app of its own for you. 12 Days of Christmas will give you a free gift each day for 12 days, beginning on Boxing Day (December 26th). These gifts could be music, apps, games, books and more. Download the app now and you’ll get […]

Tech Tuesday: iPhone Magnifier

Magnifier Zoom

My sister and brother-in-law visited recently and we were chatting about things when he said that he enjoyed my iPhone Zoom article, but he could go one better than that. Having trouble reading your iPhone screen is one thing, but what if it is something else that you can’t read because you left your reading […]

Get Better Sleep With 5 iPhone Accessories


Most of us have a permanent place on the bedside table for our iPhone – why not make use of that technology to improve the time you spend sleeping? Check out these five iPhone sleep accessories that might help you get a better sleep and start getting more out of your nights. WakeMate The WakeMate […]