Tech Tuesday: Add Bluetooth to Your Car

Bluetooth for the Car

Bluetooth is becoming more and more common in cars these days, mostly to enable hands-free phone calls, but Bluetooth is also great for streaming music without the need for cables. If you have a smartphone or music player that supports Bluetooth audio, but you don’t have a Bluetooth-enabled car, there are two new ways to […]

Tech Tuesday: August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

August has developed a smart lock that has the potential to radically change the way you grant access to your home. The smart lock uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with your smartphone and the smartphones of your chosen guests to enable keyless access. You can set specific time frames and durations for each guest […]

Tech Tuesday: Scanadu Scout

Scanadu Scout

I just read about a new product that will be unveiled this spring that brings cool Star Trek technology to life. The Scanadu Scout is a simple gadget that would make Dr. “Bones” McCoy feel at home here in the 21st century. Simply holding the device to your forehead for ten seconds will allow it to determine […]

Tech Tuesday: App Review – Bump


Have you been looking for an easy way to share photos and contact info with other smartphone users? If so, Bump may be the app for you. As long as you and your friend are both running the app you can share these items and more simply by lightly bumping your phones against each other. […]

Tech Tuesday: Preview – Hot Watch


Recently I spent some time talking about the possibility of an Apple iWatch and I mentioned the Pebble smartwatch for those that aren’t willing to wait for Apple, Google or Samsung. Well, now there is another smartwatch in the works and this one has some really cool features. The Hot Watch contains a speaker and […]

Tech Tuesday: iOS 7 Control Center


After watching the Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference keynote video, I have to say that the one feature of iOS 7 that I am most looking forward to is the new Control Center. This little gem is only a swipe away wherever you are in iOS 7 and it gives quick access to some of the […]

Has The Pebble Watch Beat Apple To The Punch?


A couple of weeks ago, I posted my own musings about the iWatch and the rest of the smart watch arena. This week, we have a guest post with additional thoughts on how things might play out. Enjoy, Techno Dude The tech world has been abuzz in the past few months about problems in Cupertino […]