Snowed In: What Families Can Do Together

Snowed In

Snowy winter weather brings work and school snow days. Winter vacation time can also mean “staycations” during cold and snowy days. When you find yourself stuck at home with the family without any plans, it’s time to get creative and dig up something fun to do. Snow days are the a perfect opportunity for family […]

Preconception Planning Checklist: What to Do, Remember & Change

Woman in doctor's office smiling

You might not consider yourself baby hungry just yet, but if you’re starting to feel like a baby is in your future there’s plenty you can do to ensure you’re ready when the internal instinct kicks in. This preconception planning checklist will help you know what to do, remember and change before you conceive. What to […]

Keeping Your Kids Safe With A Family Password

School girl

The words kidnapped, abducted, stolen and taken send shivers down the backs of parents everywhere making us wonder what more we can do to ensure our child’s safety. How can someone hurt an innocent child? Yet this kind of tragedy happens daily around the globe and news of these events can leave parents feeling frightened […]

Family Time: The Ballet

dancing ballerina

I thought I’d give you a break this week from my budget ramblings and tell you about a fun family tradition of ours. When I was a little girl my sister-in-law made it a point to invite me to the ballet with her and her friends. I loved the dancing and the music and I […]

Holidays Afloat: Vacations On The Water

mother, son and daughter in dock, looking right, big cruise ship

Vacations On The Water If the traditional package holiday involving lying around on a beach drinking in the sunshine doesn’t really appeal to you, it can be difficult to think of alternatives; especially if you are travelling with children or other family members. There’s nothing more relaxing than drifting around on a boat, so it’s […]

Family Game Night Ideas

Family playing a game together.

Game night is a fun way to relax after a long day. Playing games with your family helps build strong relationships and makes fun memories for everyone. Over the years, my family and I have quite enjoyed playing games together. We often pick one to play on our family date night. It’s been a tradition […]

Tips for Taking Great Family Photos


We’ve put together these tips for taking great family photos because a great family photo is a treasure to cherish for a lifetime, but taking that photo is sometimes easier said than done. Gathering every member of your family together, convincing them to sit still, and attempting to capture a picture-perfect moment among the chaos […]

Family Date Nights Making Time To Connect

Family Enjoying Time Together

We’ve all heard about the importance of planning a special time with our mate,  but it’s equally important to have Family Date Nights. It’s a special time for your family to be together doing something fun. Our lives have become so hectic that finding time to connect is becoming more and more difficult. Even children are […]

Family Fun: Geocaching


Geocaching is a world-wide treasure hunting game. Participants locate treasure called Geocaches using a GPS enabled devise and record their experience with other geocachers online. A few years ago our family discovered geocaching and we haven’t looked back. It has been a fun activity we can do together, any time, anywhere and at minimal cost. […]