Living on a Budget 14: The Unexpected


Summer has come and almost gone. This week the kids head back to school and the older kids have already left for university and college. Our roads will become quiet again as the tourists stay at home, leaving us locals one last chance to enjoy the beach and warm weather. Do I sound a little […]

Living On A Budget 13: Making Adjustments

Young woman looking worried over finances in kitchen

We’ve been living on a budget for 3 full months now and we both knew we had to make some adjustments. The original budget had a glaring omission and some of the budget categories were just too tight and others too generous. So back to the spreadsheet we went and we took a little from […]

Living On A Budget 12: Petty Cash


When my husband and I put together our budget we neglected to include a Petty Cash line in our plan. I’m not sure why, but as the weeks go by I can see the need for one more and more. Weekly there are piddly little expenditures that arise that have not been accounted for in […]

Living on A Budget 11: Seeing Red

Heart shape red ribbon

Two months have gone by and we are starting to get into the grove of living on a budget. It isn’t always fun recording purchases and being careful how we spend our money but as I posted last week there are some definite benefits. We’ve been using ExpenSense to track our spending and one of […]

Living On A Budget 5: ExpenSense

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 3.48.35 PM

Now that we are into this budgeting thing full tilt I wanted to have a way of being able to track how we were doing on certain budget categories like Groceries, Health and Beauty, Dining Out and Gas. These seemed to be the ones that see that most action and I wanted to be able […]

Living On A Budget 4: Dining Out

Friends dining out at a cafe

This week has been particularly challenging for me. I love eating out. I’ve been cooking meals for our family for 26+ years and when I get a chance to eat out I jump at it. As I mentioned earlier, our dining out funds took a hit when we made our budget and this week I […]

Living on a Budget: Part 2


We’ve made our budget. It wasn’t as easy as we thought and it wasn’t as bad either. Our hope was to make a budget on what we anticipate will be my husband’s income when he is ready to retire. It quickly became apparent that just wouldn’t work for us at this time in our lives. […]

A Little Bit Of Education Could Help Your Kids Save A Lot!

Kid savings

So, I’m staring at my bank account. Where did it all go? I’m sure many of us have been in this position but, as feelings go, there are few worse. I am only now starting to learn habits I wish I had from an early age. So here are some excellent tips to teach your […]

Long Term Financial Health


There is no question financial times are tough right now. Many people still have a debt to income ratio of greater than one, which usually means their finances are slowly but surely slipping out of their control. In times like these, even just breaking even can seem like you are doing well financially. However, if […]