Tech Tuesday: iGrill mini

iGrill mini and base

My 2 daughters are well aware of my tech tendencies, so it isn’t really a surprise that they would surprise me on Fathers Day with a gift that reflects this. This year the gift they gave me was an iGrillmini. This gift does a great job of combining two of my great loves: technology and barbecuing. […]

Tech Tuesday: Apple WWDC Keynote Highlights


Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) just began yesterday and the keynote presentation revealed some interesting new features for both OS X and iOS. Here are some of the highlights: Apple has 9 million registered developers which is up 57% from last year. Mac growth in the past year was 12% overall industry decline of 5%. […]

Tech Tuesday: Thoughts on iOS 7

Safari for iOS 7

My family is currently divided right down the middle on iOS 7. Two of us updated on the day it was available and two of us are currently holding off. My geeky daughter had it installed before I did, but the artistic one disdains it for the visual changes she finds unacceptable. I can see […]

Tech Tuesday: Preview – Tile


I came across this interesting new device a few weeks ago and I keep being reminded of it, so I thought I’d share it with you. This handy little thing is called the Tile and it’s basically a little key fob that you can attach to anything that is important to you. Why would you […]

Tech Tuesday: App Review – Puffin Browser

Puffin Web Browser

In the early days of the iPhone and iPad, one of the big complaints raised in the tech media was that there was no support for Adobe Flash in the iOS version of Safari. Although many predicted that these devices were doomed because of the lack of Flash, Apple went on to sell every iPhone […]

Tech Tuesday: Managing iPhone e-mail


The other day, my daughter asked me how to mark an iPhone email message as unread. Like me, she likes to keep messages in an unread state if she still needs to deal with the message in some way. This essentially makes every unread email a “to do” item of sorts. Once it shows as […]

Tech Tuesday: 5 Years of the App Store


This week Apple is celebrating the fifth birthday of its App Store by giving away 10 apps including 5 games. Here is the list of Apps on offer this week: Barefoot World Atlas Day One (Journal / Diary) How to Cook Everything Over Traktor DJ BADLAND Infinity Blade II Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Tiny […]

Tech Tuesday: Sharing iCloud Calendars


My sweetie and I have been sharing our iPhone calendars for a while now and it is great for helping us keep track of all of the events in our lives. Now that my daughter is engaged, she wanted to be able to share calendars with her fiancé so they can stay on top of […]

Tech Tuesday: Deleting Contacts on the iPhone


In almost every list in iOS (the iPhone’s operating system) you can delete an item by swiping across it and tapping the “Delete” button that appears to the right of the item’s name, but there are a few places that this doesn’t work. One of the most curious omissions is in Apple’s own Contacts app. […]

Tech Tuesday: App review – Wooords


My sweetheart is a sucker for a good word game and one game that has managed to steal a lot of her attention lately is called Wooords. It is one of her favourite apps for the iPad. I have to admit that when I saw the game’s name I was unimpressed. I mean, really, who […]