Tech Tuesday: Columbia House Goes Bankrupt

13 records for a penny at Columbia House

Did you ever sign up for 13 LPs for a penny or 8 CDs for a penny? I did—twice. And I used the deals to help build my music library while living in a community that had mediocre record stores and even worse AM radio (and no FM radio to speak of). The initial 13 […]

Tech Tuesday: ELP Laser Turntable

ELP Laser Turntable

For somebody with a very large record collection, the cost of moving to digital is rather expensive in either time or money. Each LP is worth anywhere from $10 to $17 or more as a digital equivalent, and converting LPs by hand takes about an hour per disk if your are fairly efficient and it goes […]

Tech Tuesday: Music Liberation

Homme écoutant de la musique

Music has always been a big part of my life. If I could have things my way, there would almost always be great music playing wherever I happen to be. With some of the recent (and not so recent) advances in technology, my wish is a lot closer to being reality than I could have […]

Tech Tuesday: App Review – 12 Days of Christmas


Just in time for Christmas, Apple’s iTunes store has a free app of its own for you. 12 Days of Christmas will give you a free gift each day for 12 days, beginning on Boxing Day (December 26th). These gifts could be music, apps, games, books and more. Download the app now and you’ll get […]

Tech Tuesday: App Review – Songza


Tired of listening to the same old music all the time? Radio not doing the trick for you? Why not try Songza, a free app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Similar in some ways to Pondora and Slacker Radio, Songza provides mood and activity-based playlists that can inspire you, soothe you, or simply provide […]

Tech Tuesday: iTunes Playlists – Part 1

iTunes Music Library

Listening to music can be a wonderfully enjoyable experience, but sometimes finding the right music to listen to can be a challenge. The more music you have in your collection, the harder it is to find what you want to hear. Sometimes too much choice can be overwhelming. Even with smaller collections, finding the music […]