Tech Tuesday: Using Cell Phones to Protect Your Teen


If your tweens don’t already own cell phones, they have probably been begging you for their own. While you may think that they are too young to own a phone, more than likely, a number of their peers already possess one. Using cell phones to protect your tween from trouble is a good idea. According […]

Tips for Teaching Children Good Financial Habits


Having good financial habits is essential to make it in today’s world. It is important to teach your children how to handle money responsibly now so they will have an easier time with their own finances when they are older. Fortunately, following these tips can help you establish effective habits in your little ones: Give […]

Playing I Spy

Boy Spying Through Binoculars

This summer I had the opportunity to get reacquainted with some of the little people in our family during a much overdue family reunion. It’s been a while since I’ve spent more than just a few hours in the company of little children. Our family reunion was over a long weekend and we had lots […]

Parenting Classes Can Help

Parenting Class

You know how every kid is special? That means every problem, every misbehavior, every power struggle you have with your child will be special, too. While you can’t prepare for all of parenting’s uncertainties, taking a parenting class not only prepares parents for the ins and outs of mommy- and daddy-hood, it provides a supportive […]

Building Character In Young Children


Our kids are the inheritors of the earth, and as such, we should make sure that they have all the skills and knowledge that they will need to shoulder this burden. Building character starts at a young age, and a few essential skills can make them more socially active and mentally challenged! Below are some […]

Keeping Your Kids Safe With A Family Password

School girl

The words kidnapped, abducted, stolen and taken send shivers down the backs of parents everywhere making us wonder what more we can do to ensure our child’s safety. How can someone hurt an innocent child? Yet this kind of tragedy happens daily around the globe and news of these events can leave parents feeling frightened […]



My husband and I are blessed to be the parents of two beautiful and intelligent daughters. These two girls have brought immeasurable joy into our lives. As they were growing up we always knew we would have to share them with someone else and as they approached their teen years we set in place some […]

Teach Your Daughter Modest Dress


You know the reasons your daughter needs to dress modestly. The challenge is to teach your daughter why she needs to make a decision, on her own, that such a dress code is best for her. Teaching a daughter to dress properly should be part of an overall task of teaching your daughter modesty. Here […]

The Benefits of Reading to Your Children


Okay, so you know reading is beneficial to children, but do you really know why?  In life, being an avid reader is a fantastic quality. It is an integral tool in the world of rapid communication, and it paves the way for self-sufficiency later in life. Here are some of the benefits of reading to your […]

Fun Family Outings For Parents & Children

Father and daughter looking at library books

Many parents cannot afford to drop amusement park-level sums of money every time they take their children out of the house. While young children are eager to go places, they also do enjoy your company. It can be very rewarding for you and your children to experience inexpensive activities together if you know where to […]