Quotes About Life: There Is Beauty In Everything

There is beauty in everything is another great truth that we can stick in our mental binder of quotes about life. This beauty may not be readily apparent, especially when we are walking through deep waters, but when we take a moment to look at all that surrounds us we will find that beauty. It […]

Words To Live By: Go Your Own Way

This photo, by Rebecca, was taken on the Bruce Pennisula. I love visiting this part of the world. The beaches and lakefront vistas are breathtaking as this picture atests. Life offers so many opportunities every day. We have a choice, follow the majority or strike out on our own. The older I get, the more […]

Life Courage

This quote speaks the truth. How many of life’s opportunities have we missed because of fear? Courage is the ability to do that which we fear. May we all dig deep and find the courage we need to overcome our fears. Rebecca, thank you for motivating us to be courageous! This quote is available for […]


This friendship quote is quite thought-provoking. It made me realize I find it quite easy to take someone’s hand and help them along their journey, but it’s not that easy for me to allow someone to take my hand and lead me on a journey. Hmm, it’s something I will definitely have to work on. […]

Finding Peace

I love this quote by Viginia Woolf. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to reduce the stress and gain peace in my life by trying to clear time in my day for doing nothing only to find I end up being more stressed because I can’t find the time. How about you, does […]