Changing Bank Accounts

Changing Bank Accounts

Techno Dude and I have been with the same bank for many years. As a matter of fact we haven’t changed bank accounts since we were first married, over 25 years ago. The first joint chequing account we opened was with one of the smaller banks. We liked that account because it didn’t have any service […]

Insurance of Last Resort? Let It Be Liability

Couple Signing Liability Insurance

It was a Saturday in Spring and the boys were at play. Dad departed the backyard gathering to drop off the eldest of his three sons at a picnic. That left his younger boys, ages 6 and 9, along with a 5-year-old friend rough-housing on the swing set. Mom was inside the house. In less […]

Tips for Teaching Children Good Financial Habits


Having good financial habits is essential to make it in today’s world. It is important to teach your children how to handle money responsibly now so they will have an easier time with their own finances when they are older. Fortunately, following these tips can help you establish effective habits in your little ones: Give […]

Living on a Budget 14: The Unexpected


Summer has come and almost gone. This week the kids head back to school and the older kids have already left for university and college. Our roads will become quiet again as the tourists stay at home, leaving us locals one last chance to enjoy the beach and warm weather. Do I sound a little […]

How To Save Money While Grocery Shopping

Save Money Grocery Shopping

A while back we had a guest post on Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Groceries, and since we’ve instituted our family budget I’ve found the grocery store to be one of the biggest and easiest areas to overspend. Spending money on food can always be justified or so I used to tell myself. […]

Six Ways to Save More Money

Savings in a Jar

The most effective way to increase your savings is to reduce consumption. While some financial expenses are unavoidable, there are plenty of expenses in life that can easily be defined as wasteful. If you are looking for more effective ways to make the most of every dollar that you spend, you must find a way […]

Living On A Budget 9: Losing a Vehicle

Car Crash

Over the past 8 weeks you’ve been following our journey into budget-land through the eyes of my dear wife. Today we are going to take a brief detour as I relate some of the challenges we have faced and are facing as a result of the sudden loss of one of our cars. First, let […]

Living On A Budget 7: Making Do

Fully Stocked Refrigerator

This week was a really eye-opening and challenging week for me. As I told you last week, I challenged myself to stay away from the grocery store and make do with the food that I already had in the house. The exception to this was that I would be able to get fresh fruits and vegetables […]

Living On A Budget 4: Dining Out

Friends dining out at a cafe

This week has been particularly challenging for me. I love eating out. I’ve been cooking meals for our family for 26+ years and when I get a chance to eat out I jump at it. As I mentioned earlier, our dining out funds took a hit when we made our budget and this week I […]

Living On A Budget 3: Soups

Cooking woman in kitchen

We’ve started our cash only living. I must confess I’ve been a little worried about it and the first few times we ran out of things, dental floss, milk and vitamins I became a little worried. ‘Oh no, we had to spend money! What if the money we budgeted wouldn’t last?’ That’s when I heard […]