Healthy Kid Snacks for Busy Families

Healthy Snacks

It seems as if kids today are always snacking. They get snacks at school, they snack when they get home from school, they snack before bed. As a parent, it is our responsibility to ensure that our children are eating healthy snacks. Not only does this keep them protected from diseases associated with junk food, […]

Caramel Popcorn

Caramel Popcorn

This popcorn is absolutely delicious. You’ll have a hard time leaving it alone. It’s a great treat for family movie nights. ~Enjoy! Caramel Popcorn   Print Recipe type: Snack Ingredients 8 cups popped, unbuttered popcorn ½ cup peanuts or raisins (optional) ⅓ cup butter ½ cup brown sugar ¼ cup corn syrup Pinch of salt […]

Pretty Spring Cupcakes


These pretty cupcakes are easy and fun to decorate. Make them for snack time, a school bake sale or a spring-time birthday party. Ingredients: 1 package of white cake mix, eggs, vegetable oil and water as per cake mix instructions. 1 tup fluffy white icing 18-24 paper muffin cups Jelly beans Red twizzler pull and […]

Cantaloupe Pot o’ Gold


Cantaloupe is rich in vitamin A and C and its rich flavour and aroma are sure to please the fussiest of palettes. We think this snack might even please a bunch of hungry pirates, arrr! Ingredients: I ripe cantaloupe Kitchen Tools: Cutting board Sharp carving or slicing knife Spoon Melon baller Directions: Cut the melon […]