Etsy Round-Up: Etsy Shops In Bloom

Etsy Round-Up: In Bloom

I’ve been out and about documenting the blooming flowers with my camera. Spring and Autumn are two of the most beautiful seasons because of the change that nature experiences. Each week something different happens outside. I love it! Of course, this inspired a floral-themed Etsy Round-Up too! Covered Buttons: TomiBell ‘Oh Happy Day’ Greeting Card: PrintSmitten Flower Crown: LoveSparklePretty […]

Etsy Round-Up: Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day Round-Up

I can’t believe April is over and now May is here! Next Sunday is Mother’s Day and it’s time for an Etsy Round-Up gift guide for inspiration. Besides the sweet-yet-typical gift of flowers and chocolates, here are some unique ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that we think any mom would love!   Custom Cutting Board: Katleminvitations Birthstone […]

Etsy Round-Up: Budding Greens Home Decorating Ideas

Drop Earrings

Earth Day was this week, and now that spring-like-temperatures seem to be sticking around (fingers crossed!), I’m anxious for the fresh greens to come back. Buds, leaves and grass are such a lovely shade of green that no artificial colouring can compare to. Inspired by Etsy and all things green and natural, here is my collection […]

Make a Wreath to Welcome Easter and Spring!

Welcome Easter, Welcome Spring

In just a few days Easter will be here. Unfortunately, Easter weather won’t be. This morning I woke up to 5cm of snow and -13 celcius. Brr is right. School buses in our area were cancelled and winter seems to want to stay around just a little bit longer. So what’s a girl to do? […]

Etsy Round-Up: Dreaming in Spring Colors

Tiny Beads

Now that spring is officialy here way, it’s time to break out the spring colors. I’m in the process of slowly switching my wardrobe from neutrals and jewel tones to pastels in every colour. As per usual, I headed on over to Etsy to see what I could find. What a cheery and colourful grouping […]

Etsy Round-Up: Mint and Floral Decor


Welcome to our first Etsy Round-Up! I have always loved the unique variety of things which can be found on Etsy. Starting my own Etsy Shop has increased my interest in Etsy. I could spend hours looking at this wonderful online crafter’s marketplace! Here are some beautiful mint and floral decor items. Spring has finally arrived […]

Easy Easter Cupcakes


These cheerful Easter cupcakes are easy to make and fun to decorate. We used a store bought cake mix and fluffy white icing for the base. Then we decorated the cupcakes with Easter candy. We made bunnies and little egg nests. Getting your kids involved in the decorating will undoubtly yield some fun and surprising […]

welcome, Spring!


Today we welcome spring and we couldn’t be more delighted. We look forward to warm breezes and the renewing of the earth. The arrival and spotting of the first robin is always a sure sign that winter is on its way out and spring has arrived! Have you seen a robin in your neighbourhood this […]

Pretty Spring Cupcakes


My daughter and I were looking for a fun snack to bring to church. We wanted to bring something cheery after the long, cold winter we had just been through. We came up with the idea of make cupcakes decorated for spring. They turned out to be a hit. They brought a smile to people’s faces […]