I have a serious case of wanderlust and living in a beach town doesn’t help at all. Every day as I go about my routine activities—banking, groceries, and walking the dog—I am reminded that people are on vacation. I see vacationers walking down to the beach with towels under their arm. I see women walking through the […]

Etsy Round-Up: Dreaming of Sand and Sun

I’ve done a couple of Etsy Round-Ups here already on This Busy Life, and decided to start doing my own on my blog. I joined Etsy in 2012 with my own shop, rdprints and it’s been such a fun adventure. I love the diversity of items for sale, from vintage clothing, unique home decor, handmade jewelry and craft […]

Holidays Afloat: Vacations On The Water

Vacations On The Water If the traditional package holiday involving lying around on a beach drinking in the sunshine doesn’t really appeal to you, it can be difficult to think of alternatives; especially if you are travelling with children or other family members. There’s nothing more relaxing than drifting around on a boat, so it’s […]

Safety While Your Family Vacations

While your family vacations, you’re supposed to be relaxing, whether you’re soaking in the sun on a beach, or seeing the sights of a city or countryside. In other words, you’re not supposed to worry about things like identity theft or being robbed. Such things have become an all too common occurrence for vacationers, ruining vacations, […]