Let It Snow

Let It Snow

This Sunday winter officially arrives in the northern hemisphere. This whimisical word art is in celebration of the arrival of winter. Although, I’m not singing Let It Snow just yet, I do enjoy the snow that winter brings. I’m just hoping that, this year, the snow will hold off until all our holiday travels are […]

10 Things I Love About Winter

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 1.47.24 PM

I found another blog hop called Tuesday Ten hosted by the Golden Spoons. This week’s writing prompt is 10 Things I Love and Hate About Winter. I decided to keep it on a positive note and only write about the things I love. So without further ado… Snow falling: I love how the world looks […]

Snowed In: What Families Can Do Together

Snowed In

Snowy winter weather brings work and school snow days. Winter vacation time can also mean “staycations” during cold and snowy days. When you find yourself stuck at home with the family without any plans, it’s time to get creative and dig up something fun to do. Snow days are the a perfect opportunity for family […]


Winter Word Art

Winter weather has arrived in my part of the world. The outdoor temperature is falling and snowflakes are too. It’s time to don  warm sweaters and bundle up before heading outdoors. What’s your favorite thing about winter? Ours would be winter walks in the gently falling snow. Thank you RDprints for a beautiful Word Art to […]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Baby It's Cold Outside

This year winter has come early to South-Western Ontario. We’ve had snow and snow squalls, zero visibility on the roads at times and high winds which often bring power interruptions and all of this in November! I’m not ready for the cold temperatures and the poor driving conditions that winter brings. When our kids were […]

Welcome Winter

welcome, Winter

This year winter officially begins on December 21.  As we welcome winter images of fresh fallen snow, sparkling in the sunlight, cold evenings with the fireplace crackling, warm wooly sweaters, hats and mittens, sleigh rides and snowshoeing through the bush. What do you think of when you think of winter? Thank you Rebecca for this playful […]