Faith Drives Out Fear

Faith Drives Out Fear

Do you ever get scared? I do. Sometimes over silly things, things that are not likely to happen and sometimes I get afraid of very real dangers that could very likely happen. What do you do when you become afraid? I use faith to drive out my fear. I have an imagination that can quickly […]

Being The Best Version of Ourselves


Sometimes we need a reminder to stop focusing on what others are doing or worrying about how we compare to those around us. In truth, we will do much better if we focus on being the best version of ourselves that we can be. Rebecca’s latest Word Art is a perfect reminder for us. We need […]

Love More Worry Less Quote

Love More, Worry Less Quote

I know I’ve said this before but I just love getting Word Art e-mails from Rebecca. For some reason or other, most of them speak to me and this Love More Worry Less Quote is no exception. This week I am waiting and I have another week and a half  to wait yet. Anyone who […]

How To Be Content

How To Be Content

Have you ever wondered what one needs to do to be content?  I know I have. This week’s word art just might hold the answer for how to be content. Learning to live with little, resisting the stress to earn more, do more and have more might just be the key to being content. What […]

Finding Yourself

Finding Yourself

Finding yourself is a life-long goal, isn’t it? Here I am in middle age and I can’t honestly say I’ve found myself yet. Perhaps this is because my life, like yours no doubt, is continually changing. Life is a fun journey with many twists and turns in the road and with each new circumstance I’ve discovered something new […]

Quotes About Life: There Is Beauty In Everything

Quotes About Life

There is beauty in everything is another great truth that we can stick in our mental binder of quotes about life. This beauty may not be readily apparent, especially when we are walking through deep waters, but when we take a moment to look at all that surrounds us we will find that beauty. It […]

Quotes About Life: Be One Of A Kind

quotes about life

It’s too easy to be like everyone else. It’s comfortable to blend in, but our lives aren’t fully lived until we dare to be one of a kind. There are so many quotes about life out there, but I think this one has quickly become one of my favorites. It challenges me to be myself, […]

Word Art: Positive Thinking

positive thinking

Positive thinking is on my to do list everyday. The older I get the more I believe our thought life determines our actions, words and ultimately the quality of our relationships and life. I believe our thoughts are powerful. Staying positive isn’t always easy, people and circumstances in our life are not always at their best and that is […]

Bible Verse: Matthew 7:7

bible verse

The bible verse Matthew 7:7 is the focus of this week’s word art. I really like this bible verse. It encourages me to keep my eyes on Jesus. He is The One that I can go to when I need answers and He is The One to seek when the going gets tough. I love […]

Words To Live By: Go Your Own Way


This photo, by Rebecca, was taken on the Bruce Pennisula. I love visiting this part of the world. The beaches and lakefront vistas are breathtaking as this picture atests. Life offers so many opportunities every day. We have a choice, follow the majority or strike out on our own. The older I get, the more […]